The Jump Book

The Jump is my second bookthe jump book cover for small business owners. I explore the stages of business, why we get stuck, should we continue, and how we overcome when we decide this is the business we want to create.

Click here to download the introduction and first two chapters for free, and to learn more about this book for struggling entrepreneurs.

The Jump Articles

Below are all the articles related to the book development process, launch, and promotion.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go: My Pro Business Channel Interview
Rocket IT Podcast Interview: How to Move from Chaos to Clarity For Your Small Business
Transform Your Striving Small Business With These Four Steps [For PipelineDeals]
Time Camp Interview: Transform Your Striving Small Business
My School for Startups Radio Interview #2 About Striving Small Businesses
The Jump From Chaos to Small Business Clarity [For Freeeup]
Launch Day: Get Your Copy Of The Jump For Small Business Owners
How To Understand & Transform Your Stalling Small Business [for BrainLeaf]
[Event] A Powerful Plan To Move The Chaotic Marketing Firm, Frustrated Creative Team, and Floundering Freelancer Forward [For Hubspot]
The Jump Is Available For Preorder on Amazon + Project Updates
The Jump: From Chaos To Clarity For Your Striving Small Business
The First Physical Proof Has Arrived: The Jump Book Update
An Update On Writing My 2nd Book & The Blogging Challenge
Another Weekday Blogging Challenge & How It'll Help Me Finish My Second Book
Publishing My Second Book, For Struggling Small Business Owners, Is On The Horizon
My 2nd Book - The Jump: Moving Your Perpetually Small Business Forward
These Are The Potential Next Side Projects Bouncing Around My Head
The Jump: Transitioning Your Organization From Chaos To Order

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