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Amplifying Influence & Sales

For People-Development Organizations

Together, we'll optimize your organization's existing digital content library to drive more traffic, capture more leads, nurture new clients, and retain loyal customers.

My role is to independently lead us through the transformational process, find, grow, and manage the people to make it happen, and fill in the strategic and technical gaps along the way.

When we're successful, your organization will have a flourishing content marketing program that grows influence and sales powered by excellent systems and leaders — and free of my involvement.

„With absolute confidence, I can say that Jason is a rock star when it comes to vision casting and problem-solving. He is very strong at breaking large issues down into bite sizeable tasks that accomplish big goals.“

Scott Dios, Brightree Director Of Sales

FULLY Leverage a Branded, Informative, & Comprehensive Digital Content Library

Imagine The Flowing Leads & Climbing Revenue

To grow influence and sales for your organization, I'll lead the construction of a marketing machine that consistently generates the business results you're seeking, but unable to achieve.

My breadth of marketing experience and skill set allows me to operate (strategically and tactically) as your marketing director, project manager, art director, strategist, and technical support as we fill those roles with specialists along the way (or maximize the ones you already have in place)

Working together, we'll organize your content marketing activity for the purpose of generating predictable website traffic, new contact collection, product sales, and recurring revenue.

Let's develop your marketing engine, a digital content library, to grow your organization's influence and drive revenue growth.

Send me a message to begin a discussion about making your marketing the best.

"Technology can play an important role in supporting business efficiency and effectiveness. After working with Jason on several web-based assignments I can say no one I know leverages digital tools better than Jason Montoya. His expertise ranges from strategic website development to analytics to project management skills. Jason brings the rare talent of seeing the big picture but with the skills to manage the details. A big plus is his kind nature in guiding a team to success. Smart. Skilled. Savvy."

— Toby Bloomberg, Social Media Consultant

Amplify Your Sales & Influence: Specific Starting Points For Working Together

Are you wondering if all the time you put into writing hundreds of articles for your website was worth it? Do you have visibility into how it's helping grow your business? Is it sitting there collecting dust instead of search engine traffic?

Let's pour some gasoline on your existing content library and transform your past hard work into results. Here are five ways we can start.

2 - Existing Content SEO Optimization

Quickly Improve Your Google Rankings Starting With Title Tags

Start by quickly tweaking your 77+ blog posts to drive Google traffic to your site fast.

3 - New Content Publishing & Distribution

Focus on creating content

Get hands-off assistance publishing and distributing the quality content you're already producing.

4 - Nurturing Frameworks & Email Systems

Make & Maximize Loyal Clients

Capture that traffic with lead magnets and nurture them into loyal clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding To Engage

What types of organizations engage with you?

I'm best suited to serve organizations that improve the development of people and make society healthier and stronger.

This includes leadership, training, & coaching organizations which are all conducive for leveraging digital content marketing to grow their sales and influence.

Are we a good fit for working together?

One way for us to answer your question is by having a conversation about your business and marketing. Send me a message, to begin the process.

If you'd prefer to dive in deeper before talking, check out my book for small business owners which explores the underlying philosophy for how I approach business and marketing on Amazon here.

When we engage with you, where will we start?

Our starting point will fall into one of the following three groups. In many cases, we'll have starting points in two or all three.

1. Discover New Ideas & Projects

Do you want to launch a new website, email campaign, or content marketing initiative? Let's explore your idea's purpose, how we can effectively accomplish your goal, and create an action plan for making it happen.

2. Finish Existing Projects & Sustaining Current or Recently Abandoned Efforts

Is there an important project that keeps getting pushed to the background? Is there a critical activity that became abandoned and needs a resurrection? Let's quickly revive these projects, move them forward, and leverage the result data to make them more effective.

3. Audit Existing Activities To Improve Effectiveness

Is it time to review your growth activities to determine what is working, what's not, and how we improve those projects? Let's evaluate these efforts with fresh and experienced eyes to determine how we effectively move the needle forward.

Working Together

What's the process we'll follow to get to the end result?

As we work together, there are five stages we'll work through with your existing company. The drive of these efforts is to get wins quickly, generate income for subsequent work, and build a long-lasting company.

  1. Tackle Low Hanging Fruit (High Impact, Low Effort) - What can we improve that will quickly have a positive financial or operational impact?

  2. Simplify Everything - Knowing it requires resources to sustain success, what can we cut back and simplify to make it realistic to maintain systems with excellence?

  3. Make What’s Left Better - For the existing systems that have made the simplification cut, what can we do to make them more effective?

  4. Identify & Fill In The Gaps (What's Missing?) - We've simplified, made what's left better, now what are important elements that need to be added into the mix for growing the company?

  5. Master Maintenance (from our new foundations) - We have the operations to sustain success over time, how do we master those habits and continually make little improvements to keep us moving forward? This is the foundation to build a great long-term company.

While working together, I'll be driving us forward along this five-stage path. When we've finished the fifth stage (over the course of several years), our time together will soon come to a close.

What are the skillsets you bring into the engagement?

There are three primary areas in which I'll directly support you while we're working together.

  • Leadership Support: Strategy planning (and auditing), and managing special projects and coaching teams (virtual employees and contractors).
  • Content Marketing: Content creation system (blogs and landing pages), online promotion (with an SEO and automation bent), and conversion optimization (landing pages and lead magnets).
  • Technical Support: Website (Hubspot/Joomla), email marketing, SEO, and presentation design (sales, investor, and event decks).
How do we address marketing needs outside your skillsets?

As part of working together, I'll often recommend we bring in additional talent to focus on specific marketing problems and address ongoing needs. This support will compose of additional freelancers, companies, and outsourcing options.

Ultimately, we'll tap into the best talent outside of my own abilities and experience to ensure we've got a complete team of talent to grow your company's influence and sales.

Client Success Stories

Doubled Annual Income To $1.4 Million, Eliminated 100's of Staff Hours, & Grew a Virtual Marketing Team

A small vacation rental company hired me in 2014 to help sustain their blog content marketing initiative. Over the next two years, we doubled the company income to $1.4 million by automating lead follow-up, streamlining their virtual guest concierge, optimizing post-visit communication, improving the website, and optimizing a library of content.

Leading this initiative I grew a team of six freelancers to act as a flexible and versatile marketing department where we increased website organic search traffic by 25%, which was just short of 60k more sessions per year.

My role also involved coaching the owner on business strategy, operational improvements, and technical integrations.

How Title Tag Changes Ignited 36% Organic (Google) Traffic Growth For This SEO Client — A Search Engine Optimization Case Study

When we compare the organic traffic from August 1, 2023, to the year prior, we saw a 36% growth. 10,837 users compared to 7,993 users.

  • A large part of the reason this client had such fast and significant growth was because of how rich their content was already. If their existing content was of poor quality, the growth we have seen would have been much smaller, or not at all. So, it's important to note that title tags can make a difference, but how much is determined by the content richness.
  • It's also important to note that the title tags used before the update were simply a copy of the headline. So, not only did we change these title tags, but we also made the title tag unique from the headline. These two factors are important to consider when working on your SEO projects.
Supported The Development of a New Hubspot Marketing Department For Major Agency

A major Atlanta marketing agency hired me to work with their group of young marketers developing a new Hubspot team. This pilot program for a major nationwide client would serve as a starting point for extending the offering of this full-service agency.

My involvement came as the result of speaking at the Atlanta Hubspot User Group and on the heels of their failed inbound marketing company partnership. Working alongside this new team, we met weekly to help them right the ship, learn the system, and create a powerful offering that would help their client generate leads and grow their business.

Tripled Small Website Store Revenue To $140k/Year By Improving Conversions & Traffic While Setting The Stage For Future Growth

One of my Hubspot clients referred his technology product supplier in need of marketing assistance. We transformed their company website from an outdated, confusing, and hard to navigate user experience into a top-tier site with clear messaging and an easy shopping process.

Below is the progress of the online store revenue from before and after we launched the new website, made SEO improvements, & initiated effective email marketing automation.

  • $54.7k in Net Website Sales (Year Before working together)
  • $90.7K in Net Website Sales (The first year working together)
  • $140.7k in Net Website Sales (Second year working together)

We've also built online content to alleviate operational strain. By providing online documentation, and video support to minimize incoming phone calls, we've set the stage for ongoing and future growth.

Aided The Completion of a Major Hubspot Website Project In Crisis After Previous Freelancer Disappeared

Hubspot took notice of the successful and creative work I was completing with my clients and connected me with a technology company up in Boston. They were in the middle of a major website project switching from Drupal to Hubspot when their freelancer flaked out on them.

After jumping into the situation, I evaluated where they were, what needed to happen to finish the project, and we steadily moved it forward. Through the project, I resolved technical issues while also project managing the people, vendors, and processes in Trello. We successfully launched the website in early 2017, and I continually support them on their website, email marketing, and Hubspot needs.