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For Small Business Owners

the jump book for small business owners

Book: The Jump: From Chaos to Clarity For Your Striving Small Business

For Freelancers

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Book: Path Of The Freelancer: An Actionable Guide To Flourishing In Freelancing

Online Course: How To Flourish In Freelancing - 8 Steps To Long-Term Success

Online Course: How Companies & Freelancers Can Effectively Work Together

Recommended Software & Services 

As a serious blogger, I've established affiliate marketing partnerships. This means I get commissions for referring you to the software and service of other companies. 

But, I’m not interested in simply pushing products just for the money. I’m interested in finding awesome companies and tools and referring you to them. The following resources fit these requirements. I'm also using (directly and through my clients) the following recommendations.

Recommended Books (affiliate links)

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