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Time Camp Interview: Transform Your Striving Small Business

In my second interview (click here to listen to the first one) on the Timecamp: Stay on Top of Your Work podcast,  Kate Kurzawska and I have a discussion about my new book for striving small business owners, The Jump.

What Is Timecamp?

If you're not familiar, Timecamp (affiliate link) is a time tracking tool your team will actually use. It's available on their computer and mobile devices, and they have a free forever plan for single freelance users.

Episode Summary 

"Listen to #49 episode in which Jason talks about his latest book, The Jump: From Chaos To Clarity For Your Striving Small Business! Find out how to transform your striving business into a success, how to clarify chaos and clear up all doubts."

In this episode, we explore the following topics.

  • Understanding why your business is stalling.
  • What is the Jump, and what are the four steps to make it?
  • What you need to consider as part of making The Jump
  • What is IDEMA and The Formula For Intentionality?
  • When is it better not to make The Jump and move on from your business?
  • The clues we can find about our future are often found in our origin story.

Click the play button below to begin listening to this podcast episode.

Click here to read the transcript of the interview.

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