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My 2nd Book - The Jump: Moving Your Perpetually Small Business Forward

Click here to learn more about the Jump book, including a link to order on Amazon, and details on how to download some free goodies for moving your small business forward.

My master plan to become a financially viable writer means publishing multiple books and growing this blog. So what’s next in my book writing queue? 

Since the concepts and stories were in my head, Path of the Freelancer was the easiest book for me to write first. My designated win was writing and publishing it, and I succeeded. My long-term goal was providing a resource for other struggling freelancers. Unexpectedly, the journey led to new connections, resources, and lessons learned. I also sold a handful of books along the way. 

So what’s next on the publishing horizon?

It’s a book written for small business owners who feel stuck. They’ve likely hit a wall year after year wandering in the desert and they need help changing it up, and elevating above this cycle. 
In a sense, this describes many of my past and current clients. It also describes part of my business journey. Being a business owner and working alongside entrepreneurs provides insights and stories to build a complete perspective on the subject matter. And like my first book, much of this one was also inside my cranium needing only to be extracted. 
Unlike my first book, which didn’t directly relate to my service offering, this second book is a terrific resource for founders who want to work with me or those who already are. It helps me codify and communicate my approach, history, and strategy to help other companies succeed. In that vein, the book project forces me to focus and anchor into who I help and how.
The Jump (tentative book title) will also act as a great resource for small business owners that can’t work with me due to availability or cost. It allows them to see the vision, build the foundation and work with me when they do have the traction to justify it. 
Currently, the draft of the book is complete. It’s now a matter of going through it over and over until I’m satisfied with the end result. My mission is to complete it by years end. My stretch goal is to finish by September, shortly before our fifth daughter is due to be born. 
I plan on publishing this next book Spring 2019, two years from when I published Path of the Freelancer, but that will possibly change based on how the next six months play out personally and professionally. 
In terms of marketing the book, I’ll likely nest the book under this website (as opposed to launching a new domain) and list it on Amazon for sale. This will likely lead to multiple updates here on the site to get the most traction for the book launch and leverage it for my paid engagements.
If you’re interested in exploring the Jump content further, click here to check out my past blog article diving into this book's chapters.

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The Jump Book

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