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The Jump Is Available For Preorder on Amazon + Project Updates

I’m finished with The Jump manuscript!

The book will launch on September 28th, 2019 in honor of my wife (it’s her birthday) whom the book is dedicated. 

You can preorder The Jump on Amazon here. If you purchase the physical copy, you get the Kindle edition for free so I recommend the print option.

I’m also giving away a free digital copy of Path of the Freelancer to those who purchase the new book. Fill out the form on this landing page for details on how to redeem. 

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A Milestone Moment In My Story

While it wasn’t apparent at the offset of this project, it’s become clear how memorable the publishing of this book is for me (especially in the context of my post-Noodlehead Marketing journey).

My initial goal for publishing this particular book was to create a resource for those who want to work with me but can't, and for those interested in working with me but want to explore the idea further.

Now I've experienced an unexpected result of the process. The journey to capture and share the lessons learned and the many stories during and after Noodlehead Marketing encapsulates my own jump to launch a new life and career beyond the former business.

As a followup to finishing the payoff of our student loans, this milestone is one of the final pages in this transitory chapter of my family's life. With the loans, we've repaid debts that were holding us back. With this next book, it's creating something of value to help build up a better future.

Help Make The Launch Better

I'm seeking opportunities to guest blog on other sites, interview on podcasts, and speak at local events around the metro Atlanta area. If you have a connection or facilitate one of these three options, please contact me. I'm currently slated to speak at the Atlanta Hubspot User Group in October.

What’s Done On This Book Project?

Publishing a book is no simple task. It involves numerous activities around the book itself, and everything to get it out to small business owners it could help. Here are some of the major activities that have been completed so far.

  • The cover is finalized. I've ordered my final physical proof to check a few small tweaks I've made to the cover, but unless anything comes back problematic this step is done. 
  • The book manuscript is done. There may be a handful of tweaks or corrections made before it gets shipped out on launch day, but the book is done. The process to get here included rereading it numerous times, creating the graphics, getting feedback from multiple people, and running the whole thing through Grammarly Premium (affiliate).
  • The introduction and an unexpected epilogue are finished. Penned by my friend Craig Haynie, we've finalized his introductory and closing words on the book as a way to introduce the reader to what's to come and share his own story of living it out.
  • The Amazon sales page is completed. The pages for both the physical and Kindle edition are live and taking preorders. I've also requested a handful of reviews now on the landing page and to be added to the Amazon page.
  • has been updated. Since the book is, in large part, about the stories from Noodlehead Marketing, I've updated the company website to include the book as well as consolidate all the pages on the old site. This will make easier to navigate the story (which was updated and included in the book) and to access the resources.
  • Setup the book's landing page and thank you page resource center. The Jump landing page directs people to the Amazon sales page, includes testimonials, and also provides multiples incentives (free book sample, a free digital copy of Path of the Freelancer, and many complimentary book resources) to fill out the form. It'll be something I experiment with driving traffic via paid ads. Unlike Path of the Freelancer, my intent with The Jump is to nest it inside my main website.
  • Social Media Banners updated. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin profiles all now have a banner promoting the book launch in September. I'll switch them out as the date gets closer and once the book is live.

What's Left To Do?

  • Social media promo graphics. I've created a handful of graphics with quotes from the book. I plan to create additional graphics with excerpts from the reviews. I'll schedule these to be shared across social media and added to my Pinterest profile.
  • Update this website. I've been making updates to this website on the menu, toolbar menu, and how its organized. I'd like to continue this while also updating the store page and creating a start page for people who are new to the site.
  • Further beef up the Jump Launch Box thank you page. There are additional articles and updates I want to make to the free resource page for those who fill out the form on the Jump landing page. 
  • Arrange promotional opportunities. For the next two months, I'll be actively looking for ways to promote the book on platforms that reach beyond mine. This includes guest blogging, speaking, and interviews. 

As the launch date gets closer, things will change and adapt but I'm excited to self-publish my second book and look forward to how it will unfold from here.

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