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jason montoya and matt hyatt podcast interview

Rocket IT Podcast Interview: How to Move from Chaos to Clarity For Your Small Business

The Rocket IT Podcast is my friend Matt Hyatt's new show exploring the intersection of leadership and technology. In this latest episode, Matt interviews me about my story, my work, and the launch of my new book, The Jump: From Chaos to Clarity for Your Striving Small Business.

Matt and I met through the Gwinnett Chamber of commerce over a decade ago and over the years have built a strong relationship. In fact, Matt has often graciously extended opportunities and invites to me for participating in things I would not have otherwise been able to do. The most monumental example of this was when he first introduced and invited me to the Christian leadership conference, Catalyst. It was through this event I first experienced Andy Stanley, leading to years of me streaming his sermons on my phone and computer. Eventually, this trajectory put me on the path in 2017 to join a satellite location of North Point, in Gwinett Church.

I'm grateful for Matt's intentional involvement in my life, and I'm excited to present this recent interview where we explore business and leadership, both topics we thoroughly enjoy.

Here are several of the specific conversations we have in the podcast episode.

  • What's the difference between business ownership and freelancing?
  • When is it appropriate to evaluate the business and whether an owner should continue, stop or change?
  • How does storytelling affect the way we navigate our journey?
  • What is IDEMA and how can it help a business operate more effectively?
  • How can chasing low hanging fruit transform a company from chaos to clarity?
  • What's the difference between purpose, mission, vision, and values?
  • Why should business owners take responsibility for their mistakes?
  • How do you harmonize both short-term goals and long-term aspirations?

Without further explanation, let me present the interview with Matt Hyatt on the Rocket IT podcast. Click the play button below to begin listening.

Interview, The Jump Book

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