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Building Up Digital Platforms & The Associated Teams To Grow & Sustain Them

Marketing is an ongoing effort to communicate who you are, what problems you solve, and why your company’s solutions should be selected by your ideal customer.

How well is your organization doing this?

My end goal with my customers is to build a flourishing marketing department that effectively does what I’ve described above creatively leveraging processes, tools, and people scaling in harmony with the operations required to fulfill the promises made

For some clients, I step into a marketing department already in progress to take what’s been done, fill in the gaps and re-synthesize an effective ongoing marketing initiative. In this context, I apply the following transition process to get us to the end game as we sort through what we have and what’s needed. 

  1. Low Hanging Fruit
  2. Simplify Everything
  3. Make What’s Left Better
  4. Identify & Fill The Gaps
  5. Master Maintenance

For another set of clients who are launching their business, or more likely, launching a new business unit into a new market, we’ll discover and create a digital platform (content marketing and inbound oriented) to facilitate the business growth for this new endeavor. While we ramp up this more difficult approach, we’ll leverage other paid platforms to establish and accelerate lead generation and client acquisition (often in harmony with solid sales initiatives). While these other platforms provide traction early on, the goal is to build an online footprint with maximum control and ownership for optimizing ROI and sustained growth. 

In both scenarios (optimizing what exists and starting from scratch), the parallel or subsequent process involves building up a team of internal and/or external people, following a growth plan, and leveraging tools to sustain these efforts over time and across multiple generations of workers. Together, we build a strong digital platform, foster a team to execute it ongoing, and leverage tools to sustain it across time. 

I help with the construction, training, and optimization of this marketing department building process. My role shifts away from heavy tactical involvement, in the beginning, towards a more strategic and project management-oriented role. Eventually, I shift fully into a virtual marketing director position overseeing all efforts (filling the tactical gaps where needed). 

And as the final stage in my overarching process, we promote someone on the team or bring someone in to take my place in sustaining this director role. I’ll continue coaching them for a season until their fully ready to take over the role and I move onto my next project. 

Successfully creating a flourishing marketing department that operates successfully without me is my greatest success. This is a win for both me and my clients. 

If you’re interested in working with me to make this happen within your company, contact me here.

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