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Meet Your Improvement Oriented Virtual CGO - Chief Growth Officer

Packing our offering in a compelling way is the second achievement (of eight) in Path of the Freelancer (my first book, about flourishing in the vocation).

Offering Clarity

Since I began freelancing in 2014, I’ve been in an ongoing and organic process understanding and defining my freelance offering. Iteratively, I've improved how I understand and present it publicly. 

Over the past four and a half years, I’ve had the opportunity as a sole service provider to dive into what I do well, my strengths, and how to communicate it in an organic way. Earlier this year, I proactively made large strides in what this looks like.

Contrary to what you might think, having it figured out before you start is usually not how it works. In fact, the very process helps us wrestle and work it out over time. Now several months short of my five year anniversary, I'm receiving strong clarity as I understand the patterns of what I've been doing and how I can harmonize them for great focus. 

Orienting Blogging Around Growth

There has also been an evolution with the blog content and its aim. While I’ve had larger overarching intentions, the specific intent for this site’s blogging has yet to land. There have been multiple recent updates labeling this blog as a place for me to share Stories and Systems to Work Smarter and Live Better. With my experimental podcast, I’ve added another layer to this understanding by titling it, Grow Your Life.

Growth for my readers is now the aim.

And, as your growth guide, this blog is geared towards helping you grow your self, your business and others. It also acts as a place to find inspiration through stories and examples (success and failure) to fuel you along the way.

So, where did all this clarity come from? Getting out of my bubble.

Discovering The Chief Growth Officer Title

Recently, when meeting with a prospect, they shared how they were also looking to hire a Chief Growth Officer (CGO). When I explained what I do and how I work, they realized the CGO role could be one I fill as a contractor, allowing them to receive the benefits without the costs of hiring a full-time staff member.

And this discussion was a gift. You see, a CGO views the business through the customer’s perspective and leverages marketing, sales, technology, and operations to grow the business.

A CGO precisely describes what and how I work with my clients. And now I had a label to work with for more effectively communicate my role.

Chief Growth Officer. In my case, a fractional/virtual CGO.

An advocate for the customer, the perspective of an owner, and the influence of the team. All harmonized for the purpose of growth.

With this newfound clarity, expect to see my offering and blogging iteratively tweaked to intentionally aim them towards this growth theme.

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