What Is Airtable?

Airtable is a powerful and easy to use database tool for non-technical people (although the tool has some additional power for technically oriented folks). You can interface with the data in a spreadsheet-like-view (but better), kanban (like Trello), gallery, or calendar. Creating and using forms with this data is easy and effective. If you want to stay organized, get things done, Airtable is your tool.

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Have you discovered the wonder of Airtable but need a strategic coaching and tactical hand on getting the most of this software? Look no further, you've found your expert. I've been working with numerous clients since 2016 to help them discover and maximize Airtable for project management and various business operation automation. Click here to contact me about your project.

Airtable Universe Contributions

Since it's inception, I've contributed to the Airtable Universe, which is a marketplace of templates for Airtable. You can explore my profile and three current bases by clicking here.

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Airtable Articles & Interviews

Explore Entrepreneur Magazine and BuiltonAir's interview with me on how freelancers can leverage airtable to flourish. You can also explore my other Airtable articles below.

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