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dan fellars, talking in interview with Jason Montoya

Engineering The Future of Business Systems With Airtable Consultant Dan Fellars

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with Dan Fellars. Dan is the founder of BuiltOnAir, an Airtable Community, and co-founder of InAir Studio, an Airtable consulting firm. 

I originally met Dan when he had me on an early episode of the BuiltOnAir podcast where we explored in-depth, my Path of the Freelancer freelancing dashboard. Recently, he had me on a recent live episode of the podcast where we survey a new addition I made on the freelancing dashboard while also demonstrating other ways I use Airtable. 

In this conversation, we flip the table and I ask Dan all the questions! He shares his story, how he loves to build things, how he intersected with Airtable, and how he's adapting to the new future ahead.

Listen or watch this discussion below!

Discussion Highlights

  • Dan's early history getting into computer engineering and the game company he worked at
  • Working through the new millennium technology market crash and surviving layoffs
  • History of developing business tools and automation
  • Discovering Airtable and opening up a new pathway forward
  • Migrating from analog to digital
  • Working with family
  • When is automation appropriate and when is it a problem?
  • The uniqueness of the Airtable community and how passion for technology fosters joy
  • Dan's love of building things
  • Pros and cons of old and new media

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Note: Due to a technical glitch, the first five minutes of Dan's video are choppy.

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