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Denise Marie Stilley shooting video

Healing Ecosystems — Denise M. Stilley's Activist Journey to Discover Our Shared Humanity and a Sustainable Way Forward

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with Denise Marie Stilley! 

This is a unique interview because Denise and I met in high school in a TV tech class, where we produced a daily news show for the school called Eagle Eye News. Since then, we have not stayed in touch, but recently, I shared some footage from our class all those years ago, and we reconnected. After looking through Denise's social media profiles, I was impressed with the places she's been and the journey she trekked, so I invited her to share her story with us.

Enjoy the conversation below!

Discussion Highlights

  • How storytelling and communications found Denise early in her life
  • Denise's early trek into humanitarian work in Mexico, and the challenges she faced in the region
  • Building trust with indigenous communities
  • The cost and risk of a life of poverty
  • Telling the story that should be told versus a story that is monetized and exploitative
  • Purpose-driven creative work and speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves
  • The connection between humanity and civilization in nature - and how Denise almost lost her life in the Amazon rainforest
  • Extractivist and exploitative industries
  • How our stewardship of the environment speaks to the character of the humanity that lives in it
  • Facing and overcoming the dark underbelly of society - getting caught up in the message and losing the horror feeling
  • Learning to survive the tragic reality of life and having a community of shared values
  • The challenges of censorship in China
  • The contrast between filming in a highly controlled environment versus filming in nature
  • How the environmental conservation movement is riddled with archaic and unhelpful approaches
  • When does activism go too far?
  • Donors enabling worldwide corruption
  • Grievance and whistleblower mechanisms
  • How the exposure of corruption in the conservation mission helped Denise pivot her approach and future into a more sustainable way forward
  • Ways we can tell authentic stories without harming those involved
  • How foundational systems undergird the types of things we want to see in society
  • Awareness of our limitations and enforcing boundaries
  • How taking breaks helps us do better work and prevents self-exploitation
  • Mutual exploration in the hiring process
  • Sheep and wolves - learning lessons from touching the hot stove
  • Taking ownership of the change we seek
  • What Denise would tell her 17-year-old self
  • Test and hold onto what is good

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