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Purpose. Our Why.

Purpose, Our Why, Launches Us Forward & Drives Us Out of Bed Each Morning

What is purpose?

Purpose is our why.

It is what we believe and it pushes us forward.

Purpose provides the energy and excitement to start an idea we have discovered.

Purpose is why we get up in the morning instead of staying in bed. It is why we exist and why we live. It illuminates the meaning of our lives. When all else fails and we have lived from our purpose, we have succeeded.

Is there an idea you have thought about doing but have yet to start? A business, a book, a relationship?

The reason we don't start our project is we lack a committed purpose. We lack the why, a belief about a fundamental truth. When we find purpose in our project, it launches us forward. If we want to start, let's spend the time to discover our idea and find the purpose to help us launch.

Once we find it, let us be warned, purpose is a powerful motivator and requires discipline to harness its full potential.

The passion from purpose can launch us forward quickly. Visionaries don't lack in purpose and they tend to launch multiple ideas and projects. Unfortunately, without considering the larger picture they tend to launch so many projects with purpose they are not able to finish them. In other cases, they launch the idea and after it gets hard and the passion fades, so does the project. They abandon it and move on to the next idea, never truly finishing what they started.

I believe in embracing the life of Jesus Christ. The life he gave and the life he lived. This is my purpose, my why, and my core belief. For Noodlehead Marketing, our purpose was to be an example of excellence and accountability.

Here are some other purpose statements...

  • I believe in living each day as if it is my last.
  • We believe communications should be intentional.
  • We believe we are stewards of our resources.
  • We believe in meeting people where they are.

Starting our purpose with an I believe statement is an idea which comes from Simon Sinek. By having a belief statement, it implies our belief is based on some truth and allows us to ask ourselves what truth our belief is based on. 

This is purpose. What is yours?

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