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Amy Ogden — Boundaries Will Equip You To Live A 2020 Life Worth Sharing

Amy Ogden — Boundaries Will Equip You To Live A Life Worth Sharing

Welcome to another episode of Inspirational People. In this episode, I get to introduce you to Amy Ogden. Amy is a sales expert and brand build builder, business consultant, and speaker. She’s recently founded The Collective and Co-Created the travel booking site We Travel Forward. The Collective matches agencies with travel, real estate, and lifestyle clients and in the short time since launch, she has already seen incredible success and demand.

After stumbling across her Linkedin profile, I watched and connected with her TEDx talk about sufficiency and the inadequacy cycle where she shares her personal journey of making a dramatic life change and the fruit that unfolded from that choice. 

In this discussion, we talk about how self-prioritization differs from selfishness, the importance of setting and enforcing boundaries, the opportunities for us to make a difference during crises, the value of our generosity, and why 2020 could be the most pivotal year in our lifetime (depending on how we respond).

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