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A Little Secret About How We Can Easily Change Our World

A Little Secret On How We Can Easily Change Our World

Years ago, I found myself at a book club in Colorado Springs listening to a lady complain about her church. She was really passionate about Liturgy and her church had not implemented it into their services. I could tell it was really important to her as she proceeded to share her poetic writings.

Then, I saw the connection. She found the need and could fill it, but was complaining about it instead of doing something to change it. So, I told her to go do, and after thinking about, she agreed. She was the best person to resolve the situation and was now inspired to take action.

When I look around the companies I work with, I hear people complain about the problems around them, but they stop there. I see people across Facebook complaining and criticizing leaders and others, but yet there is no drive for them to participate in the solution. It’s as if we’re waiting for permission or direction to make our world better.

Here is the secret.

We have as much authority as we’re willing to assert on a local level. We don’t need permission or direction to make our world (or the world of those around us) better.

We can just do it.

If we want to transform our household, we can. If we want to build up our community, we can. If we want to change something, we can do it.

When we all start to realize this, we’ll stop looking up to leaders to do stuff for us, and instead, we’ll look to each other to make our share of this world better.

So what are you waiting for?

You know the problem. Go make your solution happen.

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