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My Reflections After 44 Days Of Weekday Blogging

My Reflections After 44 Days Of Weekday Blogging

Today I enter the weekend as part of my blogging halftime for the weekday blogging challenge. I've spent two months blogging each weekday accumulating a total of 44 new blog posts, which is more than I did in all of 2016. With my total word count, I've essentially written an entire book's worth of words. While it has been a challenging two months, it's exciting to excel at this level. When I look back at my work, I can't help but feel a deep sense of satisfying accomplishment. I'm proud of what I've created.
But while it's been rewarding, halfway through this month I was feeling the fatigue of high volume writing. This was especially true in light of everything I else I've got going on. While I went into the challenge in August with an abundance of content to push out, I found myself struggling to balance finishing posts and cultivating the subsequent waves of content. I've not written at this level, so both my systems and I needed work.
The benefit of pushing myself is the growth and stamina I've developed. The quality and quantity of my writing have gotten exponentially better. And, I've been excited to see how much I've progressed as I've compared recent writings to blogs I wrote when I first began. I'm now better positioned, organized, and energized to go into October, and this came as a result of my quick blogging audit. It was a quick breather to reevaluate when and how I went about blogging. 
When I think about this weekday blogging challenge, I visualize a boxing match. Each round of men's boxing last three minutes with a thirty to sixty-second break before both contenders are brought back into the ring. For weekday blogging, Monday through Friday acts as the fighting match while the weekends fill in for the breaks between rounds. 
There are many people who write and publish every day, but without these weekend breaks, I'd likely end up burned out. Like my annual blogging break, these weekends allow me to regroup, catch my breath, and get energized for the next round of the fight. By doing this, it also fosters new and better ideas. It gives me the moments to reflect and grow from my past week as I also think about what's ahead. 
What's also interesting is how this high-performance activity has a way of purging our minds and surfacing worms. Running at such a high capacity, thoughts and emotions from my past come to the surface and force me to face them. These things are working their way out of me, but it's not until I was performing at a high level did this happen. The best things about surfacing worms are we've now got the bait to go fishing! These surfaced worms act as wonderful triggers for new blogs ideas, which I've got no shortage of (1,332 ideas sit in my repository).
If you're intrigued, and you missed any or all of my blog posts from September, I've compiled a list below of all twenty-one new blog articles. Enjoy!

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

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