What Is Harpoon?

Harpoon helps you succeed as a freelancer (or a marketing agency). They do it by leading you through a process to answer and define pivotal aspects of your freelance business. Practically speaking, Harpoon tracks financial progress and manages invoices, and it’s terrific. It does a bit more than just those things, but when I transitioning over to it, those two things alone were so closely aligned with how I approach my work, it’s as if they pulled a chapter out of my book to create the software!

The power behind Harpoon is based on the following four pillar philosophy.

  1. Set a Financial Goal
  2. Plan Your Revenue
  3. Bill Your Clients Intelligently
  4. Control Your Expenses

How does Harpoon describe itself?

The Harpoon App equips agencies and freelancers to set, track, & achieve financial goals. It's a time-tracking and billing software that not only records your financial past but also helps you plan and predict a profitable future.

  • Financial Goal Tracking
  • Real-Time Revenue Forecasting
  • Predictive Project Budgeting
  • Frictionless Time Tracking
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Responsible Expense Budgeting
  • Robust Reporting & Metrics
  • Advanced Team Management
  • Hundreds of Integrations

Learn more about the Harpoon App or sign up for a free trial here (Affiliate Link) >>>

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