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Andy Johnson: How Innovation Flows From Pain & Struggle

Andy Johnson — Why Scrappy Problem-Solving Conquers Big Challenges

Welcome to another episode of Inspirational People!

I get the opportunity to introduce you to and chat with Andy Johnson, the co-founder of Harpoon, a cloud-based billing tool for freelancers and agencies to plan, forecast, and invoice.

In 2017, I switched over to Harpoon after I recognized how much the tool coincidentally integrated ideas and insights I wrote about in my freelancing book. I also highlighted Harpoon in my most recent book for small business owners, The Jump because of how the tool is designed to help you accomplish your goals, not just for doing tasks. After using it over the years, I've also become an affiliate partner and gladly recommend every freelancer start using it today.

In this discussion, we talk about how innovation often comes from our personal struggle and how effort and perseverance take us further than being propped up by abundant resources.

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