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Formula For Intetionality

The Formula For Intentionality

What does it mean to be intentional?

When we have intent, we are making a choice. But, what are the many little choices we are making as part of the larger one?

As I reflected on my behavior and the behavior of those around me, a pattern emerged. Various ingredients caused certain activities while missing ingredients had different effects.

Here is the discovered concept.

Purpose plus mission, within a set of core values, equals our vision.

Let's dive deeper and define each section of the equation.

Purpose is our "why". It is what we believe.

Mission is our "how". It is how we will live out our purpose.

Our core values are what we choose to operate "within" as we live out our purpose and act on our mission.

Vision is our "where". It is where we believe we will end up.

Over the course of time, living out our mission from purpose within our core values results in our vision. (If we don't arrive at our vision, there is likely a problem with your equation ingredients.)

For us to start an idea, we need a purpose. For us to move it forward, we need a mission. For us to stay on track, we need values. And finally, for us to finish, we need a compelling vision, one we are fully committed to.

Here is how this equation lays out for me personally.

My purpose is to Embrace the life of Jesus Christ by acting on my mission to share life. I operate within the context of love, passion, excellence, accountability, and growth. By living this way, it results in a place where we are thriving together.

While succinct and clear, these statements are the result of years of refining and defining. While difficult, it is extremely rewarding to dive deep inside ourselves and recognize our intentions. Once we know them, we have the power to change them and this formula helps us get there.

Now, you have a roadmap to help you discover. What elements of the equation do you have? Which elements are missing or need work?


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