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Mission. Our How.

Mission. Our How.

What is Mission?

Mission is our how. 
It moves us forward. It is how we will travel from our starting point to our finish line. 
How we live out our purpose and arrive at our vision is another way to look at mission.
There are many ways to achieve our desired result and arrive at our destination. When we travel to another city, there are multiple vehicles and routes we can take to get there. Each route is a potential mission and each has its strengths and weaknesses. 
Which way will we take to get there?
Mission contains our strategy.
Is our strategy one of efficiency? The shortest and fastest route. Or, is it the scenic route, one where we enjoy and appreciate the journey?
Mission contains our goals.
When do we want to arrive at our destination? Where are the checkpoints along the way? When do we know we are on track, and when do we know we are off track?
Mission contains our actions.
What steps will we take to act out our strategy and meet our goals? What habits and behaviors are turning the gears of our mission machine?
My mission is to teach and inspire others. It is propelled by my purpose and pulled by my vision.
Teaching and inspiring others fuels me day to day. From my purpose, Christ teaches and inspires me and my response is to empty myself of all he has given. The more I give, the more I receive. 
For Noodlehead Marketing, our mission was to obliterate marketing neglect. Our active hunt was to find and eliminate the marketing gaps.
Here are some other mission statements...
Spread Ideas (Ted).
Moving Projects Forward.
Organize and maximize resources.
To share, explain and illustrate discoveries.
Mission has a way of helping us to focus in on the here and now. It guides us on what we can do today in order to get where we want to go tomorrow.
This is mission. What is yours?



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