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What Is Within Us? Our Core Values!

What Is Within Us? Our Core Values!

What are core values?

They come from within us and originate from the source of our creation. They are guidelines of how we believe we, and others, ought to live. They are what we determine as most important in life.  They are a set of our core beliefs founded on what we have determined to be of the highest priority truth.
Core values contain us and help keep us from derailing.  They help hold us together. 
These values help us to see when we or others cross the boundaries we have set, so we can respond appropriately. It also allows others to hold us accountable when we cross the lines we have set for ourselves.
Here is what I have discovered to be my core values:
  • Love, of God, people and self.
  • Presence.
  • Openness.
  • Accountability.
At Noodlehead Marketing, our core values were to
  • ...actively pursue excellence. 
  • accountable. 
  • passionate.
  • ...respect & serve others.
  • ...actively change to become better. 
  • ...always share & listen to ideas.
In many ways, core values constrain us and, in the short term, can seem like roadblocks to our success. In the long term, they ensure the foundations we build in life and business will last a lifetime. 
This is what core values are. 
What are yours? 


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