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Vision Pulls Us To The Finish Line When Nothing Else Will

Vision Pulls Us To The Finish Line When Nothing Else Will

What Is Vision?

Vision is our WHERE. 

It is where we believe we will find ourselves at the end of a particular journey.

Vision pulls us forward. It is the doorway of what we see at our destination. It is what we believe living out our beliefs will manifest into.

Vision is what pulls us forward when feelings and thoughts are telling us to quit. It is what we hope in that keeps us going, and it includes those we care about.

Is there something you’ve quit?

A business?

A Marriage?

A Dream?

The reason we don’t finish is because we lack vision. We lack the belief that we can overcome our obstacles to get to our destination.

If we want to finish, let’s discover our vision. It is in our dark times and difficult obstacles we will need faith of our end goal. To sacrifice the immediate to gain the long term requires vision. Without it, we settle for short term pleasures and gains at the cost of our future.

Vision is a powerful force. With a focused and clear vision, we become achievers. We do whatever is necessary to get where we’re going. When we face obstacles we don’t wonder if we should continue, we instead think of how we’ll overcome.

My vision is, We Are Thriving Together. This vision is what pulls me forward when chaos is around me. When there is brokenness and isolation, I am pulled out of my feelings of depression, doubt and despair.

For Noodlehead Marketing, our vision was Intentional Companies Reflecting Excellence. We believed marketing was a reflection of our corporate identity. This vision pulled us to live by example and help others discover their identity and project in in their marketing.

Without vision, we will perish. We lose hope and without hope we have nothing to strive for or hold onto when life get’s rough.

With vision, life becomes beautiful. We reap fruit we would of never knew possible. Through these difficulties are the most meaningful achievements and rewards.

This is vision. What is yours?

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