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Have You Seen This Small Business Owner Seeking To Build A Sustainable Company?

Wanted: Small-Business Owner Who Finally Values & Wants Sustainability, But Struggles To Foster It

My primary target client is an online oriented B2B training (or technology) oriented organization. The intersection of my experiences, strengths, and unique skill-sets best equips and enables this type of company. With them, I go further faster.

In 2016, I put out a wanted poster for a chaotic business owner struggling to effectively communicate and lead their company. In the past several years, I've considered myself a small business firefighter, running into the burning building when everyone else is fleeing (and screaming). With the launch of my book for striving small business owners, I'm now shifting gears.

At some point, entrepreneurs who've been running on the treadmill of constant change and innovation (but failing to follow through and get anywhere) recognize the value of consistency and building a sustainable and bulletproof business. Those that truly value and want this type of sustainable company burned out from chronic change will lock into a focused flywheel (financially sustainable economic engine termed by Jim Collins).

I'm seeking entrepreneurs in this sustainability stage and mindset.

This ambitious business owner is on the cusp of launching from a strong foundation, but they need a contract co-founder, someone who will operate with a strong sense of stewardship in the business, to help them cross the chasm and land on the side of sustainability. They've honed in on the operational side of their business and mastered the delivery of their offering to their customers.

Now, they need an experienced and skilled marketer to come in, enable them to build out their digital platform (or maximize the one they already have) and equip their people with tools (Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Joomla) to take the business to the highest level of excellence. They want someone to support, model, and guide them (not do it entirely for them) on how to sustain their amazing company.

So, when you see them, send them my way.

We'll work together to grow their business.

Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash

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