builtonair podcast interview for all things airtable

BuiltOnAir Podcast Interview With This Small Business Firefighter

My expertise in Airtable is getting traction. In December, my advice for freelancers about Airtable was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine. I mean the actual print version of the magazine, not just the website. That was awesome for me and Airtable since I love both. (haha, 😏)

Well, I'm excited to announce I've now been interviewed by Zoë VanDerPloeg on BuiltOnAir, a podcast and video series about all things Airtable. In the interview, we talk about my journey with Airtable (in the audio version), and we also walk through my freelancing dashboard and project management base. If you're interested in either, you can explore them on the Airtable Universe here.

Check out the episode by audio or video below. Enjoy!

Listen To The Podcast Interview (Learn more about my Airtable History and About Me)

Watch The Interview (Get Right Into Reviewing Airtable)

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