July 23rd: Best Links Of The Week

Written by Jason Montoya. Posted in Content Roundup


If you are only able to check out 3 pieces of content this week, let it be these three...

Top 3 Links

Over-Communicating in a Startup

For some entrepreneurs, communicating consistently and clearly comes naturally. For others, like myself, communication takes a more deliberate rhythm and process. Entrepreneurs should work hard to over-communicate with their constituents.

The rotten fish problem

Obvious, but difficult. So difficult that we rarely do it. We'd rather lower the average and see if we can get away with it instead.

Video: Perspectives: Maintaining Civility in a Pluralistic Society

On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Oklahoma State University along with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Oklahoma Atheists presented an evening full of thought provoking conversation.

The 3 Most Popular Posts of 2014, Quarter 2

Written by Jason Montoya. Posted in Content Roundup

These three blog posts were the most popular blog posts from April 1st to June 30th 2014.

audit-stage The Audit Stage - Continue, Change or Stop? (Click to read more...)

If you have ever asked yourself something like this in your work or life, you now know the value of an audit. People, circumstances, resources change and we must change in order to stay effective in what we are doing. If we don't we are likely to maintain a behavior and culture in our organization which will lead to our demise.

chaos.filter.direct Interfaces: The Ways We Work Together (Click to read more...)

The beauty of this productivity is not the time we save, but the time we can now use in building relationships with our team and clients. I believe we ought to be more productive at our work so we can give more time to people.

who-do-i-want-to-be Who Do We Want To Be? (Click to read more...)

To those in a state of surviving in isolation, I want to be someone who provides hope. I want to be someone who shares a way for leaving this state of despair. I want to be someone who gives guidance for moving into a state of thriving together.


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