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Four Different Ways To Choose Your Next Church Community

Since the birth of Christianity, followers of Jesus have been gathering in groups to share life (what we now call church). Since I was born, I’ve been attending and involved in Christ-centered churches, but it wasn’t until we ventured off to Atlanta Georgia on our own after getting married that we had to take ownership of this community engagement. 

Since we moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2005, we’ve done life with four different church communities and how we ended up at each was the result of distinctly different paths (although I believe all were providentially influenced). One was a family referral, another was nearby, one was divinely guided, and the most recent was intentionally selected. 

Here's the story of all four paths, my way of shedding light and insight to help and inspire you in your own journey to find a local church community. 

Read the stories of how I've participated in different church communities

Skillshare Course: How To Work More Effectively With Freelancers

Skip the following introduction and visit my Skillshare class (4 Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Work Well Together) by clicking here.

As part of launching my first book, Path of the Freelancer, I also spoke at several events. One of them was at the Atlanta Hubspot User Group (HUG) on the topic of companies and freelancers working well together. It ended up as a terrific talk with many great questions (and a new consulting client).

Learn about the origin of my first online course

DJ - Star Wars The Last Jedi

How DJ, From The Last Jedi, Mimics the Island Story Shark

If you're a storyteller interested in creating compelling characters and story arcs for your movies, books, and comics, I've created a narrative framework to help you achieve this goal. The structure is also a way of codifying and articulating the narrative patterns we see in movies, books, and other mediums across time. By understanding the underlying motivations, goals, distractions, and traps in a character's journey, we can create stronger and more compelling stories.

Explore the narrative framework you can use on your next project

Spacex rocket launch

March 2018 Mini-Experiments, Goals & Events

March is here and the time has come to look ahead. Do you know what you want to accomplish by month's end? If not, here are ideas of what I'm working on as a way to inspire you forward.

My Brief List of March 2018 Goals

Let's explore my biggest milestone before we jump into several new mini-experiments & the details on these monthly goals.

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Fork - Sign In The Road - Choices

How To Decide Whether or Not to End a Business Venture (or Side Project)

No matter how well organized and self-directed your organization (or project) may be, it truly does require a strong vision-centric leader to move it forward. If you thought you could launch something and have it lead itself, I'm sorry to say that type of business is quite rare (if not impossible). 

Hopefully, you recognize this and take the time to intentionally decide what happens next with your organization or side project that currently hangs in the balance of your decision.

Let's start with a question. Does it make more sense to change and continue or to stop and shut down?

As you think through how to answer that question, let me share several stories of when I've ended or pivoted along a journey to inspire you towards your most appropriate next step.

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Harpoon Computer User

My Freelancing Story Showcased as a Harpoon Customer Spotlight

Since May 2017, I've been using Harpoon* to manage my invoices (automatic payment reminders), track my expenses, and project my future expected income (with dashboard charts). It wasn't until after I wrote Path of the Freelancer that I found this wonderful tool, and when I did it seemed like they created the app from the what I wrote! We were aligned with our philosophies when it came to managing income and invoices as a freelancer.

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