Purpose. Our Why.


What is purpose?

Purpose is our why.

It is what we believe and it pushes us forward.

Purpose provides the energy and excitement to start an idea we have discovered.

Purpose is why we get up in the morning instead of staying in bed. It is why we exist and why we live. It illuminates the meaning of our lives. When all else fails and we have lived from our purpose, we have succeeded.

Is there an idea you have thought about doing but have yet to start? A business, a book, a relationship?

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The Cellar Journey Part 2

Last week the Cellar Journey Part 1 was posted on Facebook and this blog. It was something I wrote in 2011 and because of the feedback given, I decided to continue the story. This is part 2 of "The Cellar Journey".

* * * * *

I quickly ran down the stairs with my flashlight bouncing as I hopped from stair step to stair step. I hit the ground and ran forward towards where I remembered the light fixture was.

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New Joomla Website Launches

Semi-Custom Joomla Website Design is one of the starting points for working together. In the past 30 days, we launched two new websites.

The first Joomla website was Brightstar Pictures.

"BrightStar Pictures is the realization of its’ principals creative aspiration: to start a company that will discover new and established artists and nurture their varied talents, thereby enabling them to tell stories that address, contemplate, and challenge the trials, triumphs and tribulations of the human condition."
Brightstar Pictures
The Third Bucket

The second website launch was The Third Bucket.

The Third Bucket Movement is designed to inspire and facilitate the giving of privately held business assets for Kingdom work. It is the strong belief and experience of the authors of The Third Bucket that lives are transformed through this process.

This includes the transformed lives of those around the world who are being served by ministries and non-profits, the transformed lives of those who work for the ministries, as they see God’s faithfulness in supplying their need for His calling, and the transformed lives of the donors, as they apply their business skills to their giving, just as they have to their business.

If either of these organizations are of interest, I encourage you to check them out and learn more.


The Cellar Journey Part 1

2011 was a season of recovery and healing for me because of the years prior to it. As part of the healing process I journaled and this included three fictional scenes which reflected my journey this season. Here are the three scenes...

* * * * *


Dirt was raining on me. I could hardly tell, there was so much blood I could only see red and it was out of my left eye because my right eye was swollen shut. I couldn't feel anything. I had been beaten so badly my body was numb. I felt dead, or at least as close as you possibly can get to being dead. The dirt continued to rain down. From the best I could tell, I was being burried alive. I had been Beaten til I was almost dead and then burried.

"Just kill me now." I thought to myself.

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Agent Fat: A Film That Never Was

Agent Fat: A Film That Never Was

Why I Wrote This Story

I have always had a heart for being an example and inspiring others, and I believe sharing this story allows me to be this example in a public way. Stories encourage us when we get knocked down and when it gets hard. When we are in tough places in life, knowing we are not alone can mean everything to us in these times of struggle. When we feel like we are alone, it's difficult to get back up and it's draining to move through the valleys of life. As I share my story, my successes, my fears and my failures I believe it will inspire you to greater heights and lengths as you seek to fulfill the vision for your life.

Our Agent Fat Journey.

Agent Fat - Concept Art - By Thomas Daniels

I love hearing and sharing stories.

The first time I remembering telling a story through video was when my friend and I found a video camera in his house. The camera was old, even for the time, but it worked. I had just recently watched the behind the scenes video for Saving Private Ryan and was inspired to make a film. Finding the camera made a way for us to tell our story. With this new tool and my inspiration, I proceeded to work on a story of my own. It was going to be a story about a soldier facing a giant. I wrote out a two page script called "Agent Fat". Now, we were ready to make our movie. Unfortunately, circumstances did not allow us to make our movie and so the project got temporarily put aside.

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