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Blindsided by COVID-19 & Cancer — Exploring Adversity & Resiliency With Glenn Carver

March 19th, 2024 Alert: Glenn's wife Lisa Crescenzi Carver reported at 11:39 am that Glenn passed away. We are saddened by the loss. If you would like to financially support the family, please click here to give. To read his obituary, click here.

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with Glenn Carver. Glenn is an author, speaker, and trainer. We originally met through a mutual friend over a decade ago and have remained friends ever since.

In this conversation, Glenn shares his amazing 96-day experience in the hospital after getting COVID-19 and the complications that followed. And if it was not bad enough, as soon as he recovered, he came to find out that the fight was not over and he had stage 4 cancer. Explore Glenn's inspirational story as he faces and endures adversity.

The photo from above is when Glenn left the hospital.

Discussion Highlights

  • How he got COVID, his wife noticed he was not breathing right, and his trip to the emergency room
  • The three miracles Glen experienced in his 96-day journey in the hospital
  • Having emergency surgery after his colon burst
  • Glenn's humor in the midst of a dark situation
  • How God spared his life and how the experience transformed his faith
  • Positivity, hope, and despair 
  • Losing his voice for two weeks
  • Going code blue at the hospital
  • Getting a stage 4 cancer diagnosis after getting home from the hospital and facing another challenge
  • Lessons learned from "Adversity with a Chance of Opportunity"
  • "Dig your well before you're thirsty."
  • Having a coach believe in him as a person and that impact throughout his life
  • Figuring out our life's purpose
  • Considering cancer as the greatest gift in life
  • Behavior change that sticks

Connect With Glenn Carver

Consider Helping

Glenn is not out of the woods yet with his cancer diagnosis, so if you are able to help lessen the burden, you can help by donating to his GoFundMe here >>

Medical Disclaimer

As Glenn mentions in this podcast, he's betting his life on how he understands his health situation and what he should do to gain the healing he desires. He discusses failures and successes throughout his medical journey. The focus of this conversation is to learn about Glenn's story and the lessons he learned, not to discover the merit of his medical intervention argument. While we discuss his medical condition and various forms of treatment, the information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.
A powerful way to discover the truth is to deeply challenge our own assumptions of what we believe, seek out competing information and perspectives from the strongest people, groups, and institutions, and invite the strongest arguments against our own. A dialectic between the best arguments for and against something is how we can deeply understand all facets, and learn to discern what is most true, as we make the best decision we can.

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