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My Takeaways & Quotes From Bo's Cafe By Lynch, Thrall, & McNicol

For the past few months (and through half of 2020), I'm participating in a Gwinnett Church Leadership Development Group (LDG) as a stepping stone towards further involvement at our church.

It's a small group of guys with two leaders guiding us through an in-depth and genuine (as opposed to superficial) spiritual discovery of God, ourselves, and each other. 

As part of the journey, we'll be reading a book (and sharing our takeaway) between each month's meeting and this month was the book Bo's Cafe by John Lynch, Bill Thrall, and Bruce McNicol (affiliate link).

The fictional book follows the story of a man in a mid-life crisis, primarily in the context of his marriage falling apart. The more he holds onto and attempts to superficially fix his marriage and himself the more his relationship with his wife slips through his fingers. But, along the way, an older gentleman begins mentoring him. As he helps the main character navigate through the challenges, we move closer to the root problem that is causing all the chaos.

Much of the story reminded me of the difficult journey that followed after moving from Arizona to Atlanta in my own life and marriage. 

Below are my lessons learned, key insights and highlighted quotes from the book.

Continue reading about what came out of my read of Bo's Cafe

school for startups radio interview jason montoya

My School for Startups Radio Interview #2 About Striving Small Businesses

In my second interview on the School for Startups Radio (the first interview was published in 2017 after the launch of Path of the Freelancer), I talk with host Jim Beach about my new book, The Jump, and the gig freelancing economy.

Jim is the author of the book, School For Startups: The Breakthrough Course for Guaranteeing Small Business Success in 90 Days or Less (Affiliate Link). He also hosts the School For Startups Radio show. He believes anyone can be an entrepreneur, and launching a business does not require passion, risk, or creativity.

Now, onto the small business interview! Click the play button below and listen in on our discussion.

cait and jason montoya

The Conversation Podcast Interview: Creating Rhythms of Relationship

My wife recently launched a podcast about the conversations we have with our children, and I'm a guest on the latest episode.

Here is Cait's summary of the podcast: "It is our passion and dedication to helping parents have conversations with their kids. We share real-life parent-child conversations, interviews with parents, and conversational tools."

Click to listen to the conversation podcast interview about one-on-one time with our kids

infostack side hustle

The Path Of The Freelancer Skillshare Course Is Part Of The Infostack Side Hustle Toolbox 2.0

The following contains affiliate links, which means I get a commission if you purchase.

Infostack has selected my Path of the Freelancer Skillshare course to be included in their Side Hustle Toolbox 2.0

The toolbox package includes 17 ecourses (including Path of the Freelancer), 6 ebooks, ready-to-use checklists, and bonus tools and resources.

The cost of the box is $49, and the value of the items in it $2,000. If just a handful of the offered products are of value, it's worth the purchase, so definitely check it out. 

The deal expires on October 22nd, my birthday, so if you plan to buy do it now.

If you're interested in this toolbox, click this link to learn more.

Here is a list of all side-hustle products included in the package.

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jumping over a canyon

The Jump From Chaos to Small Business Clarity [For Freeeup]

I'm a big fan and an affiliate of FreeeUp (Think Upwork, but a million times better). Freeeup finds and qualifies great freelancers around the world to help you get your small business projects done. If you don't have the time to find a good freelancer, Freeeup will do it for you (saving us all a ton of time!).

As part of the launch of my second book for small business owners, they've invited me to write up a guest article for their blog about the concepts explored in The Jump. In this interview article, I share and elaborate on the following ideas.

  • The Inspiration for The Jump
  • Helping Others Attain Small Business Clarity
  • A Move from Chaos to Order
  • Owning Small Business Clarity
  • The 5-Step Process for Transformation
  • Parting Advice for the FreeeUp Community

If you're interested in getting a glimpse into my new book and exploring these business insights further, click here to read my article for Freeeup.

spacex rocket launch

Launch Day: Get Your Copy Of The Jump For Small Business Owners

the jump book for small business owners by jason montoyaToday is the day!

My second book is now available. There are very few things the feel as good as finishing a book! I'm glad, grateful, and satisfied to finish this book for small business owners.

The book is called The Jump: From Chaos to Clarity For Your Striving Small Business. Learn more about the book and download the first few chapters for free visiting the book's launch page. If you'd like to get straight to purchasing the book, simply click here to view on Amazon. Note: Buy the paperback copy and get the Kindle edition for free.

In many ways, this book is a letter to a younger version of myself as I entered into entrepreneurship unprepared to the journey that lied ahead of me. It's now a powerful milestone in my own transformational journey, but an inspirational story with insights for those trekking down the entrepreneurship path. 

Continue reading about the book's dedication and introduction

house construction project, transforming

How To Understand & Transform Your Stalling Small Business [for BrainLeaf]

Do you want an additional glimpse into The Jump: From Chaos to Clarity for Your Small Business? 

In this guest article for Brainleaf (which begins the promotional train for the book launch!), I explore the five adult development stages and how facing fear and embracing responsibility becomes our starting point for leveling up as a leader. If you're unsure what underlying fears are driving your behavior, entrepreneurship will certainly illuminate them. Fear of failure, success, corruption are three common ones I explore in the blog post while also illuminating how they affected me.

If you're not familiar with BrainLeaf, it is an online SAAS to help creative and technical businesses scope their projects faster. Poor planning leads to lost profits and Brainleaf empowers its users to effectively plan out their projects. It's the type of tool I wished we had when I owned and operated Noodlehead Marketing. The company is founded by my good friend, Jason Long who I interviewed here on the blog as part of my inspirational people series.

So, without further ado, check out my guest blog post for Brainleaf on their blog. Click here to read "How To Understand & Transform Your Stalling Small Business".

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An Introduction To Constructive Developmental Theory + Related Resources

After learning from the Leaders Lyceum about Constructive Developmental Theory for the first time, I was fascinated to learn the stages of development we humans all go through (or at least have the opportunity to do so) on our journey called life. While it's not as simple or clear as the five-stage visualization infers, the structure does provide a helpful way to understand our maturity path and how we effectively accelerate our progress through it.

I'll introduce you to the theory (began by Lawrence Kohlberg and continued by Robert Kegan, Michael Basseches, and Otto Laske) and share a variety of resources (Articles, podcast, videos, and books) to help you explore the psychological concept in detail.

Continue reading about Constructive Developmental Theory

hubspot user group event

[Event] A Powerful Plan To Move The Chaotic Marketing Firm, Frustrated Creative Team, and Floundering Freelancer Forward [For Hubspot]

The Jump: From Chaos to Clarity for Your Striving Small Business publishes September 28th, 2019.

To share the message and promote the book, I'm seeking speaking opportunities at events around the Atlanta area. If you know of any opportunities, please share them with me.

My first scheduled event will be with the Atlanta Hubspot User Group in early October. Explore the details below. Register (for free) soon, space is limited.

Learn more about this upcoming Atlanta HUG event

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The Jump Is Available For Preorder on Amazon + Project Updates

I’m finished with The Jump manuscript!

The book will launch on September 28th, 2019 in honor of my wife (it’s her birthday) whom the book is dedicated. 

You can preorder The Jump on Amazon here. If you purchase the physical copy, you get the Kindle edition for free so I recommend the print option.

I’m also giving away a free digital copy of Path of the Freelancer to those who purchase the new book. Fill out the form on this landing page for details on how to redeem. 

the jump book cover jason montoya

Continue reading about the progress of my second book

boats in the middle of a large ocean

My 2019 Mid-Year Checkpoint Plus My Massive Collection of Quotes

It happened. We’re now over halfway through the year 2019.

Unlike last year, I’ve pulled back from the pace at which I reflect back and look forward (at least in writing them on this blog). This created space contributed to my focus on finishing the repayment of our student loans, and the completion of my next book.

And, it allowed me the energy to work on writing out my second longest article ever (The first being this one about the Last Jedi) as I reflected on the college repayment journey.

This student loan completion step is part of the creation of our new life. On top of rebuilding my career and building a strong financial foundation (while writing two books,), we’ve also bought a house, purchased a minivan, had two MORE kids (five total), and switched churches/communities.

This was done in five years, which is a bit baffling (and awesome) considering we were financially starting from scratch to make it happen. God was doing a great deal of the heavy lifting, and I'm super grateful because it's been hard even with His direct and indirect influence.

For the remainder of this checkpoint update, I'll revisit the initial goals set up for the year in January, the progress I've made (or not made), and a series of quotes I've been collecting. Let's start with the completion of a major financial milestone.

Continue reading about my update for the year and what's happened so far

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