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Powerful Writing Systems: Cultivate Ideas, Get Unstuck, & Finish What You Started

In this Listen to Learn episode of the Share Life podcast, I'm talking with Jim Karwisch and Tess Van Ee about developing writing systems that enable us to create great content (for social media, blogs, and books).

Tess Van Ee is a professional freelance writer who works in the Lifesciences, Healthcare, and Manufacturing spaces helping them to communicate difficult concepts. Jim Karwisch is a speaker, facilitator, and coach assisting professionals untangle the narratives that are holding them back.

This conversation is an intersection of different perspectives on the writing process and developing systems that let us effectively publish.

Listen or watch this discussion below!

Discussion Highlights

  • The origin of my blogging on this site and how I journaled regularly before publishing
  • Systems Simplify Writing
  • Exploring the tiniest piece (the atom) of a message
  • How systems help create clarity of message
  • The Writer's Garden
  • How writing helps us speak, seemingly, extemporaneously
  • How writing helps us get unstuck in our life
  • What makes a good story versus a good life
  • When systems complicate writing & get in the way
  • Catching a natural wave versus surfacing behind a Jetski and how it relates to IDEMA
  • Daily habits & good idea flow
  • Online content libraries are created and abandoned by companies
  • How a writing system can take the form of sticky notes
  • Writing things that have already been written by others
  • Standing on the shoulders of giants
  • Navigating writing personally and professionally while doing it in a sustainable way
  • Using Upcarta to collect and share content and as a piece for organizing ideas to be written
  • A better way to read books & retain the information
  • How expected future action changes current behavior
  • The challenges of writing a difficult book and how I overcame my stuck points
  • Apollo 13: slingshotting around the moon to get back to earth
  • Internalizing concepts
  • All art is recycled and connecting with people where they are at in life

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