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Nancy Kleppel

Lessons Learned From A Year of Crises — With Nancy Kleppel

Welcome to another episode of the Share Life podcast with Nancy Kleppel. We originally connected through the Freelancers Union and shortly after in April 2020 she joined me for an episode of Inspirational People where she shared about generosity and priorities during the new covid-19 crisis.

Over a year later, today we reconnect to share what we've learned in the meantime. In this discussion, Nancy and I will reflect on the lessons learned during 2020 and the first half of 2021.

Some of the topics we survey include:

  • How do we respond when life throws at us the unexpected? 
  • Reconciling the difference between reality and our perspective of it.
  • Learn to slow down and appreciate what we have taken for granted.
  • Learning not to get bent out of shape about change.
  • Mentoring others and how being present with people is of utmost importance.

About Nancy Kleppel

Nancy is an Architect by training with thirty-plus years collectively in the industry, with various incarnations. She's now a consultant to creative entrepreneurs and professionals who work in some capacity with The Built Environment, including architects, engineers, and a diverse group of design and construction professionals.

Nancy is also a co-founder, leader, and collaborator of a two-hundred-plus member relational-oriented community, Brick & Wonder They're fostering best-in-class collaborations and helping individuals and organizations who develop and participate in projects that address the built environment better position to be prepared for the unexpected.

She is also co-founder of an ongoing mentoring seminar series for Women Entering the Profession of Architecture, where she is supporting young professionals by connecting them to accomplished women architects, providing mentoring, and creating the Old Girls Network to carry them forward into long productive careers.

Connect with Nancy on Linkedin here, or visit here consulting website here. 

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