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Nancy Kleppel: How People & Generosity Matter Most During Disasters

Nancy Kleppel: People & Generosity Matter Most During Disasters

Welcome to another episode of inspirational people with Nancy Kleppel. We originally got connected through a recent Freelancers Union event via Trupo, which she has been a member for almost 20 years. 

Nancy is an Architect by training with thirty plus years collectively in the industry, with various incarnations. She's now a consultant to creative entrepreneurs and professionals who work at some capacity with Built Environments, including architects and engineers.

Nancy is also a co-founder, leader, and collaborator of a one-hundred-plus member relational oriented community, Brick & Wonder. They're helping individuals and organizations who develop and participate in projects that address the built environment better position to be prepared for the unexpected (highly relevant now!).

In this discussion, we talk about how the crisis is affecting us and what we can do to respond. In addition to exploring cultural systems, we also dive into how this pandemic has forced us to reconcile our priorities and why generosity and relationships matter most. My favorite part of the interview is the final section of our discussion.

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