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My Freelance Offerings

How I'm Focusing More Clearly On My Business Offerings

When I first started freelancing a nonprofit founder and friend hired me to help his organization get focused, organized and to setup an accountability structure. He believed he should have hired my former marketing company but never got around to doing it. So, he wanted to work with me before I went onto my next venture, and this is how my freelancing journey began. As I journey towards what I really want to do, I get to make a living empowering small business owners.
Recently, I've had a business owner bring me in to help transition their organization from Chaos to Order and to create a culture of effective communication and proactive accountability. The plan starts with me coaching and holding the CEO accountable, and with the CEO using me as a lab rat and sounding board. From here, I help teach, guide and prod the team to move in the desired direction sharing my stories, insights, and systems. The CEO directs from the top down, and I influence from the bottom up. 
When we arrive at a state of order, we audit the organization to identify what we stop doing, keep doing and/or change what we're doing. We then setup a system to empower the team to sustain this new order. When this is done, I need to find a new mission with the client or my work is complete. My efforts are aligned to move high-level initiatives forward, buy more time (revenue generation), and to move special projects forward. 
If I were to explain simply what I now do, here is where I've landed. 

I coach business owners to better understand their vision, and to articulate it to their team. I guide their team on how to bring this vision to life while working in the trenches to increase revenue through more effective marketing activities.

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash
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