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Ron Medlin's Entrepreneurial Journey from Small Town Roots to Digital Marketing Mastery

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with digital marking expert, and long-time friend, Ron Medlin. 

Ron, a fellow internet marketer, is someone I orbited around via mutual friends until we met in person. We traded places on a client project years ago and have since stayed in touch, occasionally getting together for a meal and chat. Ron has been building a community-based business on Facebook, and has an insightful journey; so I wanted to get him on the podcast to share his story.

Check out our conversation below, where Ron shares the lessons learned along the way.

Discussion Highlights

  • Growing up in a small town and ending up in a big city
  • Ron's background in day trading, MLMs, and journey to learn marketing
  • SE Nuke, Warrior Forum, the early days of search engine optimization, and the crash of grey hat SEO tactics
  • Discovering HubSpot and learning the system in 2012-13
  • Ron's journey into entrepreneurship
  • Having a strong drive to learn and Ron's fascination with marketing
  • Wanting to be the best at what he's focused on & creating frameworks to drive desired results
  • Social media community building
  • His experience working with coaches and agencies
  • Working with High Level and selling automation system templates
  • Ron's approach to sales and learning to get better at facilitating
  • Pitch slapping and the decline of cold outreach
  • The importance of never getting comfortable - when the $4!7 hits the fan
  • Prioritizing a vocational pattern at the intersection of career experiences, impact, network, and knowledge
  • The ideal way to automate everything
  • Blocking time and doing creative work in the morning
  • Find the best person on the market to solve your problem
  • Shiny objects and resolving our anxieties
  • Accelerate the growth journey
  • What Ron is reading and his favorite movies and shows
  • Hook > Story > Offer
  • How this digital entrepreneur loves camping

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