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Ellen Bristol, portrait, cropped

A Life Worth Living With Non-Profit Fundraising Expert Ellen Bristol

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with Ellen Bristol, a non-profit fundraising guru and founder of the Bristol Strategy Group! Ellen and I originally connected when Hubspot referred Ellen my way for updating her Hubspot website. We've stayed in touch over the years and she even wrote a recommendation for my book for small business owners.

In this delightful conversation, Ellen shares her story, including her windy road into entrepreneurship, the different dynamics she explores with her non-profit coaching clients, and the ways she's led the charge in transforming how the non-profit world thinks about and acts around money. This terrific conversation brings out the deep wisdom Ellen has collected over her eight decades on this wonderful blue planet.

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Discussion Highlights

  • Ellen's early journey into entrepreneurship and starting a business at 50 years of age
  • The second wave of feminism and the opportunities in the early emerging technology space
  • The power of establishing rapport and the dynamics of rejection
  • Ellen's recovery from workaholism
  • The toxic legacy of financial excellence in the non-profit world
  • Reduce anxiety about fundraising by building relationships
  • The decrepitude fund
  • What Ellen would tell her 39-year-old self
  • Not being afraid to fail
  • Learning from your best donors
  • Thoughts after experiencing decades of crises
  • How the climate crisis frames how Ellen sees conflicts
  • How to navigate cynicism and nihilism
  • Living a sustainable life
  • Insights on grieving and how we shield ourselves from it by being angry
  • Recognizing how much agency we have in life
  • Embracing our dependency and community in the midst of autonomy
  • Ellen's love of Charles Dickens' work and her favorite book of his
  • The positive impact of Ellen's piano teacher
  • The counter-intuitive nature of freedom
  • Leveraging technology to build powerful systems
  • The story behind Ellen's elephant batik

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