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Vulnerability & Writing the Story of Our Life With David Ebner

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with David Ebner. David is the founder of Content Workshop and advisor of Copywriter Exchange.

David and I met through our mutual participation in a shared small group community of marketers that spawned out of the Atlanta Hubspot user group. We collaborated when I presented a Path of the Freelancer webinar about building a steady stream of paying clients for the Copywriter Exchange.

In our conversation below, we explore David's storytelling background, how his sense of homelessness fueled his pursuit of creative endeavors, the power of vulnerability, and how he navigates the challenges of life.

Discussion Highlights

  • David's origin writing stories and his escape from a world where he felt as if he didn't belong
  • On being encouraged not to pursue our passions because it lacks commercial viability
  • The value of having someone put their faith in us
  • Symbolism, and the narrative we choose
  • How our emotional experience frames our life and work
  • Belonging and vulnerability
  • At the end of the year, what's the story we want to tell?
  • Manhood: Self-control, conduct, and behavior
  • Storytelling in business
  • Giving back and helping writers to succeed
  • Making the Pandemic Pivot & incubating ideas
  • The Storm: Brainstorming & prioritizing crazy ideas
  • Setting boundaries around work and taking breaks
  • How efficiency impacts the process of creating quality stories
  • How arts helps us feel emotions
  • Our fear of not having another great idea
  • Breaking Bad and Walter's believable character arc
  • Falling victim to being a victim
  • Idea ownership, adoption, and vulnerability
  • Not Sharing openly when recipients are not willing to be vulnerable

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