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Roger Parrott

Effectively Leading Without a Long-Range Plan — With Belhaven University President Roger Parrott

Welcome to another Inspirational People interview episode of the Share Life podcast.

In this expansive discussion, I'm speaking with author, speaker, and president of Belhaven University Roger Parrott. We were connected through my friends at Voices to Connect.

Roger is delivering actionable insights for parents and businesses. He was named among the 10 Most Visionary Education Leaders of 2021 by The Education Magazine. As one of the longest-serving college presidents in America, Dr. Parrott is a fountain of knowledge for Christian leaders. His book, published earlier this year in February, is titled Opportunity Leadership: Stop Planning and Start Getting Results.

Conversation Highlights

  • Roger's history as a 3rd generation university president
  • The purpose of a sports program at a university and how it ought to be a vehicle for character development
  • The importance of how we win and the danger of manipulating outcomes
  • The importance of stewardship and excellence
  • Education is mentorship
  • Leading without a long-range plan (destination) is the plan
  • When we get stuck to our plans, we miss out on opportunities
  • Artificial power (motor boat) versus natural power (the sailboat)
  • Commitment to mission, gifting, and capacity
  • Having regular reminders of our dependence and over-dependence on the artificial
  • The difference between a volume of activities versus doing the things that matter
  • The importance of looking backward
  • Why it matters that we learn about how people overcome the most difficult of challenges
  • The giant leadership gap in America and our lack of structure to develop them
  • The value of proactively seeking out different perspectives
  • The villainization of the middle ground
  • The college debt mess we are all engulfed inside
  • Words of wisdom for university presidents
  • Words of wisdom for those considering college
  • Words of wisdom for students on how to get the most out of their college experience

Jump into our conversation below where Roger shares his story, his insights as a university president, the type of stories that inspire him, and the way he approaches work and life.

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