Toby Bloomberg — Pause Your Way Towards Personal Reflection And Business Transformation

Toby Bloomberg — Pause Your Way Towards Personal Reflection And Business Transformation

Welcome to another episode of Inspirational People!

Today I get to the wonderful pleasure of introducing you to Toby Bloomberg. Toby is a long-time friend, collaborator, and fellow freelancer. She works with organizations to help them empathize with their customers and effectively communicate through social marketing channels. 

We originally met as board members of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association and we've been through numerous fruitful and challenging projects together (as well as both being archaic bloggers that started after the turn of the Millenium).

In this discussion, we talk about the simple act of breathing, how business models are drastically shifting, and how reflection and patience can help us wisely navigate the crisis we're all facing. Tune in below by audio or video.

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