Todd Miechiels — Embracing The Opportunity To Slow Down & Serve Others

Todd Miechiels — Embracing The Opportunity To Slow Down & Serve Others

Welcome to another episode of inspirational people!

In this episode, I get to introduce you to my friend Todd Miechiels. Todd is the founder and vision bearer of the 315 Project helping people know and share their story wholeheartedly.   

Todd and I originally met through a mutual friend during a catalyst conference almost a decade ago. We stay connected over the years and the 315 Project became one of my first freelancing clients when I began in 2014. We've stayed connected and collaborated over the years that followed.

As the world has changed, and we've faced this Coronavirus crisis, I've witnessed many people stand in the gap, and Todd is one of those people who has led others through his daily Linkedin worship videos. Impressed by what he's doing, it was apparent that I needed to get him on an episode so he could share his story with you.

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