Chris Green: Humility & Respect For Our Limitations Matters Now More Than Ever

Chris Green: Humility & Respect For Our Limitations Matters Now More Than Ever

Welcome to another episode of inspirational people.

Today, I get to introduce you to Chris Green. Chris is a co-founder and partner at Arch + Tower, a company that helps business leaders transform frustrated customers and disengaged employees into vocal advocates and loyal ambassadors under operational excellence. Arch + Tower is also a part of Frazier & Deeter, an award-winning accounting and advisory firm focused on investing in relationships.

I recently interviewed Arch + Tower's co-founder John Hightower, a connection facilitated by Jessica Lalley International. You can check out that discussion here.

In this discussion, we explore the people who influenced us, how we can professionally and personally navigate the Coronavirus crisis, how tragic life experiences can shape us for many years, and why having humility during a time of uncertainty is so important for facing the challenges that are flowing our way.

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