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John Hightower Discusses The Importance of Empathy When Facing The Unknown

Welcome to another episode of inspirational people. 

I'd like to introduce you to John Hightower, CEO, and co-founder of Arch + Tower, a company that helps business leaders transform frustrated customers and disengaged employees into vocal advocates and loyal ambassadors under operational excellence. Arch + Tower is also a part of Frazier & Deeter, an award-winning accounting and advisory firm focused on investing in relationships.

Through Jessica Lalley International, John and I were both recently reconnected only to discover that we both participated in the same Lifework Leadership program in 2014!

In this discussion, we talk about why employee empathy matters right now, how EQ (Emotional Quotient) gives us an individual and collective advantage, and how business leaders can effectively navigate this season of uncertainty to take care of their people, their customers, and their business operations.

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