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Focusing On What Matters Most During The Crisis With Talent Development Executive Travis Dommert

Focusing On What Matters Most During Crisis With Talent Development Executive Travis Dommert

In addition to unpausing my paused blogging efforts (at least I got three months!) to provide helpful resources to face the Coronavirus, I'm also continuing the inspirational people interviews as an additional way to provide insights and inspiration during this time of crisis.

I'm excited to introduce you to Travis Dommert. While I first heard about irunurun from a friend, I was formerly introduced through the Leaders Lyceum team when he was the president of irunurun, an online tool that helps people focus on what matters when there are distractions abound! It helped me realize how I only needed 40% of my time to accomplish the tasks that mattered in my business and I was simply wasting the other 60% on things that were not fruitful. 

Over the subsequent years, we became good friends and around 2014 we both went through a season of transition during similar times. I became a full-time consultant and he joined the team a Jackson Healthcare. 

In this interview, we explore systems and stories to live better and work smarter as well as how Travis' insights can specifically help us during the Coronavirus crisis.

You'll want to stick around for his final words about how iron sharpens iron.

Connecting With Travis Dommert, Talent Development Executive

If you're interested in connecting with Travis, you can find him actively sharing advice on how to effectively interview for job positions on Linkedin here. If you prefer twitter, his handle is @TravisDommert.

Listen To The Discussion

Stream the audio interview below or click here to listen directly on Anchor's website.

Watch The Interview

If you prefer to see our pretty faces, you can click here to watch our interview or click play in the embedded video below as I drink tea and interview Travis.

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