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Building Up Digital Platforms & The Associated Teams To Grow & Sustain Them

Marketing is an ongoing effort to communicate who you are, what problems you solve, and why your company’s solutions should be selected by your ideal customer.

How well is your organization doing this?

My end goal with my customers is to build a flourishing marketing department that effectively does what I’ve described above creatively leveraging processes, tools, and people scaling in harmony with the operations required to fulfill the promises made

Continue reading how we work together to build a thriving marketing department for your small business

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The Conversation Podcast: A Discussion Between My Wife & Father

My wife, Cait Montoya, has a podcast where she interviews parents to gather their feedback and insights about the conversations they have with their kiddos. She interviewed me in October about my weekly date night rhythm with our children.

Here is the podcast summary: "It is our passion and dedication to helping parents have conversations with their kids. We share real-life parent-child conversations, interviews with parents, and conversational tools."

In this episode, Cait interviews my dad, Steve Montoya. One of the great talents my dad modeled to me growing up was strong conversations with others. Whether it was his friends or mine, he was constantly sitting people down and having serious conversations about life (while also having a little fun along the way).

Take a listen to the following podcast episode to get a little glimpse of my dad's conversational nature and Cait's dread of that first time he sat her down for "a talk."

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Diving Into Wild At Heart By John Eldredge: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

"There few things worse than being a man and living a passive, dull, and apathetic life." - Craig Groeschel

As part of my 9-month-long leadership development group at Gwinnett Church, we’re exploring numerous books. We first read and discussed Bo’s Cafe, about one man’s journey through a struggling marriage (and his own issues of the soul). 

Next up, we’re diving into Wild At Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul by John Eldridge. In his book (which you can check out on Amazon here - affiliate link) Eldridge explores four concepts (The Question, The Wound, The Beauty, and The Adventure) as he dives into, 'what is masculinity?'

Join me in this blog post as I explore Wild at Heart and these four concepts. If you have not read the book, you can check out the following videos and my commentary along the way. Get a glimpse into the soul of every man. 

Explore masculinity with John Eldredge and my commentary on it

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Price Drop For Path of the Freelancer: Now $14.99 (Paperback) & $9.99 (Kindle)

As an experiment prompted by a friend, I’m dropping the price of Path of the Freelancer: An Actionable Guide to Freelancing from $25 (for either version) to $14.99 for the paperback and $9.99 for the Kindle edition. 

Path of the freelancer book cover

If you have not yet purchased a copy of the book or you know a freelancer friend, make Path of the Freelancer a gift for the holiday season. 

I’d love to continue the matchbook option, so anyone who buys the paperback would get the Kindle version for free, but unfortunately, Amazon has discontinued this program. So, pick the medium you prefer to read Path of the Freelancer: An Actionable Guide to Flourishing in Freelancing. 

I’m excited to learn how this pricing experiment may continue and grow sales for the book over the long haul. If I can sell 3-4 times the number of copies, I’ll consider it a successful strategy and one I’ll make permanent. 

Any lessons learned will also inform my future pricing strategy rollouts for The Jump. 

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Have You Seen This Small Business Owner Seeking To Build A Sustainable Company?

Wanted: Small-Business Owner Who Finally Values & Wants Sustainability, But Struggles To Foster It

My primary target client is an online oriented B2B training (or technology) oriented organization. The intersection of my experiences, strengths, and unique skill-sets best equips and enables this type of company. With them, I go further faster.

In 2016, I put out a wanted poster for a chaotic business owner struggling to effectively communicate and lead their company. In the past several years, I've considered myself a small business firefighter, running into the burning building when everyone else is fleeing (and screaming). With the launch of my book for striving small business owners, I'm now shifting gears.

At some point, entrepreneurs who've been running on the treadmill of constant change and innovation (but failing to follow through and get anywhere) recognize the value of consistency and building a sustainable and bulletproof business. Those that truly value and want this type of sustainable company burned out from chronic change will lock into a focused flywheel (financially sustainable economic engine termed by Jim Collins).

I'm seeking entrepreneurs in this sustainability stage and mindset.

This ambitious business owner is on the cusp of launching from a strong foundation, but they need a contract co-founder, someone who will operate with a strong sense of stewardship in the business, to help them cross the chasm and land on the side of sustainability. They've honed in on the operational side of their business and mastered the delivery of their offering to their customers.

Now, they need an experienced and skilled marketer to come in, enable them to build out their digital platform (or maximize the one they already have) and equip their people with tools (Hubspot, Mailchimp, or Joomla) to take the business to the highest level of excellence. They want someone to support, model, and guide them (not do it entirely for them) on how to sustain their amazing company.

So, when you see them, send them my way.

We'll work together to grow their business.

Photo by Ty Williams on Unsplash

Don Neder in cryotherapy

My Interview With Don Neder Where We Talk About Ice Baths, The Wim Hof Breathing Method, and Stewarding Our Body Well

Yeah, that photo is Don Neder in his first Cryotherapy session.

In the following interview with Don, you'll get a first-hand account of what cold therapy is all about and why he has sold his business to launch a new one around health and wellness.

Don and I originally met over a decade ago through the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. We became clients of each other, and eventually good friends. When I took a group of business leaders through the Island Story experience, Don Neder was one of the people who participated in the weekly session. It contributed to a process in Don's life where he eventually got serious about his health, began a new trajectory from his found purpose to eventually selling his promotional printing company to launch a new business called Flowgevity, which equips people to live the best life possible (mental and physical).

In my following interview with Don Neder, we talk about his entrepreneurship and technology background, selling his business to pursue the construction of a new company around the Wim Hof Method, Cold Therapy, and other science-backed wellness approaches to living better.

Click to listen or watch this interview with Don Neder about Wim Hof, Cold Therapy and Mental Toughness

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Transform Your Striving Small Business With These Four Steps [For PipelineDeals]

The Jump promotional internet tour continues with another guest blog post for In this article for striving small business owners, I explore the four steps every entrepreneur must take to successfully make The Jump. If you’re interested in the book, but not sure if it’s the right book for you, this article will give you a good picture of what to expect from your read. 

I’ve got quite the history with PipelineDeals CRM (affiliate link). After learning of it shortly after it’s inception, we became an active user during my seven-year journey of running my marketing company. And, it quickly became my favorite CRM. 

After publishing my first book for freelancers, I wrote a guest article on three ways to boost sales effectiveness. With the launch of The Jump, they’ve generously allowed me to share the core message of this new book for small business owners. Here is are the topics found in the article.

  • Level Up Your Team (And Yourself)
  • Build Strong Foundations
  • Guide Your Loyal Team
  • Leverage Sustainable Systems

Without further explanation, click here to read my guest article for PipelineDeals: Transform Your Small Business With These Four Steps.

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How Scott Siegel Thinks About Systems & His Most Important Lessons Learned

As a continuation of my inspirational people interview series here on the blog, I'm excited to introduce you to Scott Siegel, founder of Beacon Sales Advisors (and powered by Sales XCeleration). Formerly from up north in Massachusetts, Scott moved to the Atlanta area in 2017 where he eventually launched his sales consulting business (working with companies from $1m-$50m to grow revenue).

Knowing a similar network of people in the Atlanta area, we eventually got connected and met up in-person.

Scott has a vast range of experience in the business world and is a reliable leader to know and hopefully work with (if you need guidance and support to grow your sales team and revenue).

So, without any further rambling from me, let's jump into my interview with Scott and hear what has to say about living better and working smarter.

Read the written interview with Scott Siegel

jason montoya timecamp episode 49 podcast interview

Time Camp Interview: Transform Your Striving Small Business

In my second interview (click here to listen to the first one) on the Timecamp: Stay on Top of Your Work podcast,  Kate Kurzawska and I have a discussion about my new book for striving small business owners, The Jump.

What Is Timecamp?

If you're not familiar, Timecamp (affiliate link) is a time tracking tool your team will actually use. It's available on their computer and mobile devices, and they have a free forever plan for single freelance users.

Episode Summary 

"Listen to #49 episode in which Jason talks about his latest book, The Jump: From Chaos To Clarity For Your Striving Small Business! Find out how to transform your striving business into a success, how to clarify chaos and clear up all doubts."

In this episode, we explore the following topics.

  • Understanding why your business is stalling.
  • What is the Jump, and what are the four steps to make it?
  • What you need to consider as part of making The Jump
  • What is IDEMA and The Formula For Intentionality?
  • When is it better not to make The Jump and move on from your business?
  • The clues we can find about our future are often found in our origin story.

Click the play button below to begin listening to this podcast episode.

Click here to read the transcript of the interview.

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My Takeaways & Quotes From Bo's Cafe By Lynch, Thrall, & McNicol

For the past few months (and through half of 2020), I'm participating in a Gwinnett Church Leadership Development Group (LDG) as a stepping stone towards further involvement at our church.

It's a small group of guys with two leaders guiding us through an in-depth and genuine (as opposed to superficial) spiritual discovery of God, ourselves, and each other. 

As part of the journey, we'll be reading a book (and sharing our takeaway) between each month's meeting and this month was the book Bo's Cafe by John Lynch, Bill Thrall, and Bruce McNicol (affiliate link).

The fictional book follows the story of a man in a mid-life crisis, primarily in the context of his marriage falling apart. The more he holds onto and attempts to superficially fix his marriage and himself the more his relationship with his wife slips through his fingers. But, along the way, an older gentleman begins mentoring him. As he helps the main character navigate through the challenges, we move closer to the root problem that is causing all the chaos.

Much of the story reminded me of the difficult journey that followed after moving from Arizona to Atlanta in my own life and marriage. 

Below are my lessons learned, key insights and highlighted quotes from the book.

Continue reading about what came out of my read of Bo's Cafe

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