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How Answering These Five Questions Can Give You Instant Clarity And Focus

How Answering These Five Questions Can Give You Instant Clarity And Focus

When we don't have a focus, we easily get distracted and don't move towards our goals. In fact, we can find ourselves wandering for days, months and even years.

We need a way to get focused and organized, but also a way to do it concisely and quickly. The method I'll share below will work well for a department, campaign, or project where you need to establish clarity quickly and effectively. 

The Quick Method To Establish Intentionality

The following list of questions will guide you through the process.

  • Why does this (company, department, campaign, or project) exist? This is Purpose
  • Where does it take us? What does this (company, department, campaign, or project) look like when we've arrived? What does success look like? This is the Vision
  • What is at stake if we don't act? What happens if we don't arrive at the vision? What does failure look like? This is the Anti-Vision
  • How will we live out our purpose and move towards our vision? What route and vehicle will we take to move forward? This is Mission.
  • Within what boundaries will we operate? What will keep us from getting distracted and protect us from the external dangers? These are Guardrails

I lump these five areas under the word INTENT.

If you say you are intentional about something, be prepared to describe your answers to these five areas. Doing so will make you effective, undistractable, and protected. It will ground you in a powerful way. Go ahead, try it out for yourself.

Intentionality Template

Copy & Paste the following into your document or tool and begin answering the questions for your company, department, campaign, and projects.

Why (Purpose)?

Where (Vision)?

Anti-Vision (What's At Stake?)

Mission (How)?

Within (Guidelines)?

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