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A Quick Little Hack To Curb Social Media Use & Get More Enjoyment From It

How can you easily curb back your social media usage?

Turn off the little red badge notification on your social media apps. You know, the little distracting red dot constantly calling you to open the app.

Do it on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. Yep, all of them. 

That one change will decrease your time using social media, and it'll make it more enjoyable (look at all my accumulated notifications!) when you do sporadically use it. I also turned it off for my email app, so I’m not tempted to dive into work emails after hours.

Also, any red bubbles you simply ignore (because the number has grown to preposterous numbers) are good candidates for hiding the red badge app icon notification. If you're not responding to it, don't use it.

Alright, head over to your settings and remove those little red app bubbles.

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