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[Interview] Cutting Out the Noise on the Mindful Money Podcast

My wonderful friend Toby Bloomberg introduced me to Jonathan DeYoe a few months back, and we had a wonderful private conversation about our share values, ideas, and passions. Shortly after that conversation, I had Jonathan on the podcast to hear his story and learn more about the way he lives and works.

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As a fellow podcast, Jonathan interviewed me on his show, Mindful Money. Here's a brief description of the show.

Do you struggle with money? You’re not alone. Join Mindful Money author and experienced 40-year investor Jonathan DeYoe as he shares stories from artists, authors, entrepreneurs, and other advisors about how they mindfully minimize their need to think about money and get more out of life. If you aren’t happy with your finances, feel like money takes more time that it should, or want to place your financial decisions into the broader context of your life, this show is for you.

 And here's the description of our recorded conversation.

Today, Jason joins the show to discuss his journey from entrepreneurship to freelancing, the importance of meeting people where they are, and the incredible value that entrepreneurship can bring to your life. Jason and Jonathan talk about cutting out the noise, what Jason misses the most about running a team, and what the transition was like going from running a business to becoming a full-time freelancer.

We had a great discussion and you can see more of the key takeaways, show notes, and links here. 

Listen to the Conversation

“If I’m gonna do this - and I’m gonna do it right, and I’m gonna steward this business well - it’s gonna be really hard. And so, if I’m going to do something really hard like that, I gotta be fully committed to it.”

Watch Our Discussion

“In a lot of ways [The Jump] is also a letter to the clients I work with. I work with clients to help them grow their sales and influence. I use different digital marketing strategies and tactics. But, my Trojan Horse is really how do I help them become the type of person that runs these types of systems to make their business better, and to be a better boss, and be a better leader and a better fulfiller.”


Interview, Jonathan DeYoe

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