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abortion doodle graphic of discussion by ross boone

Interview: Abortion — How Both Sides Get It Wrong

In my monthly guest interview on Ivan Alfaro's youtube channel (From Pain to Gain), we're diving into another insightful discussion about abortion. In this episode, we dive into the controversial and often avoided topic of abortion. What do we, individually and collectively, owe a child, from the point of conception to when they become a young adult?

We walk through this topic using Ivan's C.A.G.E. framework which stands for Complacency, Atrophy, Guilt, and Escape. 

Watch This Discussion

Click here to watch this conversation directly on Youtube here or using the embed below.

Doodle Time Lapse

In this conversation, we had our friend Ross Boone of RawSpoon doodle the highlights from our discussion. You can see the drawing Timelapse below.

Mentioned Quotes & Additional Resources

  • Read: It’s time for a conversation about justice, top Catholic scholar says
    • Quote: "MacIntyre also argued that a state that outlaws abortion, but then fails to provide basic medical and maternity care as well as economic provisions, exemplifies this same individualist ethos centered on eliminating negative prohibitions but not aimed at achieving the common good."
  • Read: Applying MacIntyre to the Ethics of Abortion with Virtue Ethics and Practical Reasoning
    • Quote: "Reductionism attempts to reduce the whole into constituent elements due to the assumptions of a closed system and alienate it from ends/goals and, therefore, preclude from examination other variables which may be a factor."
  • Read: The Anti-Modern Marxism of Alasdair MacIntyre
    • Quote: "For MacIntyre, contemporary liberalism, heavily influenced by the social contract theory of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, is far too concerned with managing threats, internal and external, from its perceived enemies rather than advancing a positive vision of the common good. The limitation of this perspective is that, as Perreau-Saussine neatly puts it, “by keeping only to the perspective of what is evil, we run the risk of dangerously narrowing our range of vision.”'
  • Read: Care of Souls in the Classic Tradition: Chapter 4 - Ironies of Pastoral Counsel
    • Quote: "Gregory proposed a specific approach to the counsel of the compulsively withholding person who says: "I’ve done nothing wrong, I’m not hurting anybody. I’m just holding on to what I have." Such a person needs tactfully to be instructed that charity for the poor is not merely an act of mercy but also a matter of justice: "When we administer necessities to the needy, we give them what is their own, not what is ours, we pay a debt of justice, rather than do a work of mercy."'
  • Read: A Different Kind of Pro-Life Argument

ross boon doodle graphic of abortion conversation

Image by Ross Boone of RawSpoon

Interview, From Pain to Gain, Ivan Alfaro

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