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8 Quick Writing Tips For Improving Your Social Media Posts

Stop killing 🔪 your friends (with bad posts) and start writing ✍️ killer social media (Linkedin & Facebook) posts 😆

8 Post Writing Tips

  • 🥇Compelling First Line: Some people need to read what you post. Help them find you by making the first line reveal relevance to them. 

    Why is this post something the audience should read?

    We want a hook that catches them. This is usually going to be a set of words that connects with their pain or problem (or sought-out solution). Done well, this post type stimulates their curiosity.
  • 🔀Content Prioritization: People may only read the top part of your post, so order the information from the most important to the least important. Bonus points if this order is based on the target audience's ordering, not yours.
  • 🏁 End Well: What's it all about? Finish your post with a concluding and sharp sentence or two to summarize the ideas and give them a memorable nugget to take with them.
  • 🔖 Easy Reading: You'll lose many readers if you have a long unbroken block of text. Use short paragraphs and line breaks. Keep each paragraph between 1-3 sentences.

    Peel off key sentences into a single line to emphasize them.
  • 🔫 Shoot Your Content: Longer posts can feel overwhelming, so include bullets to visually break up the text.
  • 🤯 Visualize Your Content: Text can be boring. Strategically use emojis to highlight certain content you want to emphasize. Don't overuse them.
  • #️⃣ Hash It Out: Extend your reach by including at least a handful of hashtags. We marketers think these mysterious symbols help Skynet extend post-exposure.
  • 🏆 Bonus: Provide a great insight or idea at the end of the post as a bonus to treat people who stick it out and read the whole thing. Bonus points if it drives engagement. 

Wrapping Up

Relevant and important posts get read by the right people. Easy and fun posts get read by more people.

This post is an example of what I'm describing. Shoot me a message with how I did 👍 👎here.

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