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Navigating the Storm: August 2023 Content & Resource Roundup for a World on the Brink

In light of a wild 2024 to come, I'm reviving the content roundup blog where I share great links and quotes I've discovered. This is something I regularly did during my first year blogging in 2014. Since I've been sharing more actively on social media and want to roll it up here on the blog for those, not on social media and those who miss stuff along the way.

You can view past content roundups here. And, here's why I share resources created by others.

August 2023

Here's the brief amount of content I shared in August 2023. The next roundup will have content from September and I'll do this weekly until I get caught up to 2023.

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Declines of Truth, Trust, and the Rule of Law

“What is now happening hasn't happened before in our lifetimes but has happened many times throughout history—typically, just before civil wars. In my opinion, this is a VERY big, bad deal yet most people are quietly going along with it.“the January 6th attack on the Capitol. (At that time, I estimated the odds of a civil war as about 1 in 3—I now estimate it a bit over 1 in 2)

What can be done to prevent this… let’s at least agree that we should 1) worry (which would increase the chances of preventing what we are worrying about), 2) scream loudly against these intolerable behaviors, holding ourselves and others to high standards of behavior, and 3) go along with, rather than fight against, the judgments of the legal system, even though the legal system is more biased and less fair than we would like it to be. I think that it is pretty clear that if we don’t do these things, there is an uncomfortably high probability that we will experience terrible chaotic fighting.” - Ray Dalio, Declines of Truth, Trust, and the Rule of Law Have Throughout History Led to, and Are Now Leading to, Disorder

Youtube Video Highlights

“Self-deception evolved in the service of deceit. It’s a way of making deception harder to detect.” Robert Trivers, The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life

Podcast Episode Highlight

“2024 is both side’s flight 93 situation.”

"There is a non-zero chance that we are headed into a full blown constitutional crisis, in which a very large number of Americans [from both political parties] are going to think that whatever the [2024] result is, or whatever happens next year, represents the end of the American experiment and that this will be the last chance to block the collapse of the American Republic. And that is terrifying." - A Crisis is Coming, Commentary Podcast

Internal Resources

This is content I've directly crafted or participated in creating.

New Blog Posts

My Past Content Highlighted

"Instead of the good forces of all groups joining together against evil in solidarity, mixed coalitions of good and evil fight against other mixed groups of good and evil.

People often end up taking sides across the wrong superficial lines — as opposed to the lines of those who value all people and those who see some or all people as less than human.

Both good sides need to purge the evil from their respective groups and work together to prevent future infiltration while also pushing it out quickly when it gets in, much like treating cancer in the human body." - Jason Montoya, A Framework For Understanding Good & Evil — Clarity In The Chaos

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