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Why I Share Articles, Podcasts & Videos With Others

For the past seven years (at least) I've been a constant sharer of resources. If you're connected with me on any form of social media, you've seen over the last several years many articles, podcasts, videos, and images on my feed. If I've got your email, you've received personal emails with links to these helpful resources.

So, what gives? 

Why do I share these links with others?

My mission statement is to share life. This means I embrace giving and receiving. I do this to foster pockets of thriving and togetherness in a world of rampant darkness. I've lived in this dark place, one of survival and isolation. It's painful, stressful, and depressing. I embrace opportunities to encourage, inform, teach, and support others in that dark state, and those who want to thrive together. I also value the opportunities to receive from others who want to help me do the same.

Many think I share a large quantity of content, but it's actually a small amount compared to how much I consume. I've got a robust feed of incoming content from Feedly, Pocket Casts, & YouTube. I process (scan) a few hundred items (articles, podcasts, videos, etc...) each day. Out of this filtering process, I read and save into Upcarta (for later) a few dozen items each day. At the end of consuming this content, there are multiple saves each day where I find great value (Insight, knowledge, laughter, etc...). Because I found great value, I want to share them with others who may also benefit.

If there is someone specific whom the resource reminds me of or that I think the content applies to, I'll personally share it with them via email or direct message. I will also share it across my social media channels as a general broadcast so others can benefit.

And that's it. I share because I found something great and think others will too. It helped me and hopefully, it will help you.

Ideally, I include a commentary or quote with each resource when I share it on social media so others can understand why I'm sharing the specific resource and would increase the reach of the resource.

What do you think? Do you share resources that help you in this life journey or do you simply consume and move on?

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