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Embracing Vulnerability & Grace — Beth Haun's Journey From Performance to Acceptance

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with Beth Haun. 

Beth and I have been through hills and valleys together and has been a vital part of my own story. She was originally a client of Noodlehead Marketing who became a team member and an influencing leader of our marketing business. She was also a participant in the Noodlehead Marketing transition into intentionality, a learner of constructive development theory via the Leaders Lyceum, a part of the Win Without Pitching transition, involved in the Island Story adventure, and a co-creator of IDEMA; a framework for capturing and sustaining ideas. I'm grateful for the impact Beth has had on my life and look forward to her sharing her life with you today.

Check out the conversation below, where Beth shares her story and the lessons learned along the way.

Discussion Highlights

  • Demonstrated bravery and our experiences during the Sabbath year -  a time of rest and release
  • What it's like living in South Africa and facing racial superiority
  • The influence of childhood experiences and being kind for the wrong reasons
  • The complexity of relationships and the dynamics of working with family
  • Roles, self-reflection growth, and the power of vulnerability
  • The importance of Beth's presence in her kid's lives after Noodlehead
  • Stupid questions we ask - How are you doing?
  • Navigating life's challenges & tragedies & the role of loving oneself
  • The role of acceptance & embracing change > How things serve us for a season but can stop serving (or harm) us in different seasons
  • The significance of grace, community, connection & discernment
  • How Beth understands self-care and how it changed - visibility on what matters
  • Our innate responsibility for taking care of the body we're given
  • Social media breaks and healthy media habits
  • Writing devotions for the Episcopal Church
  • Growing into humility and not having to have all the answers
  • Introducing herself to God and Beth discovering God's name
  • Intentional living and having a structure for life
  • The messages of the world and self-authoring
  • Processing grief and burying our junk
  • Navigating political divides and our societal madness — solution-oriented versus victory-oriented
  • Setting and enforcing boundaries
  • Defining success & creating a company for all the wrong reasons

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