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Why You Can't Thrive Alone — in Life & Work — With Liz McVicker

In this Inspirational People interview on the Share Life podcast, I'm speaking with Liz McVicker. Liz is a life and leadership coach through her company, The Cadence Collective. Years ago, my wife and I attended Victory World Church for 4-5 years, which is also where we met Liz. Liz and I recently reconnected at Natalie Born's recent book launch party.

In this conversation, Liz shares her story, her background in corporate work and ministry, her leap of faith into entrepreneurship, and the different dynamics she explores with her coaching clients.

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Discussion Highlights

  • Helping pilots get sober
  • All work and no play cultures; how to prevent and respond
  • Can we put up with anything if we're getting paid enough?
  • Differences and similarities between ministry and corporate work
  • The Call to Ministry
  • Guarding our hearts
  • The power of Sabbath; doing less and trusting God to do more
  • We suffer from illusions & trying to control our future
  • Racial reconciliation & rooting out our unwillingness to do life with people of other races
  • Exposure therapy: Facing our biases and prejudices
  • Burnout and depression
  • Margin
  • Making the leap from corporate employment to freelancing
  • Ownership versus victimhood
  • Learning about ourselves through the adventures we take
  • Mentoring versus parenting
  • Coach versus consultant
  • Listening; being known and heard
  • 80's movies, fighting obstacles, and the hero's journey
  • The time we waste looking for things
  • Past and future selves
  • Taking our thoughts captive

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